• Neil Bowness and Craig Butterworth. Photo by Harry Atkinson
    Neil Bowness and Craig Butterworth. Photo by Harry Atkinson
  • Neil Bowness and Craig Butterworth. Photo by Harry Atkinson

Plain Creative was established in May 2009 by Craig Butterworth and Neil Bowness.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are based up and down the country - with some in Europe and across the pond too - and cover a number of sectors from specialist manufacturing, legal services, charities and the third sector to beer and brewing, the arts and retail. We consider diversity to be a good thing - it keeps us on our toes and it gives us new opportunities for learning and refining our offering.

Clients get the best from us when they are open to challenge; we look that bit deeper, we ask (sometimes uncomfortable) questions. We're quite insistent on understanding a business, their audiences / customers and their challenges – if we didn't, how could we possibly do our job?

What do we do?

The services we provide are equally diverse and vary from client to client. For some it's a full brand consultancy offering with through-the-line activities; for others it might be a one-off specific commission. To cover off what we do, a good starting point would be:

  • Brand consultancy, brand development and visual identity design
  • Marketing, strategy, planning and communication
  • Graphic design for print and digital campaigns
  • Website design and content creation
  • Exhibition, interpretation and display
  • Photography and video direction
  • Social media planning, delivery and management (content creation and curation)

We help businesses grow to their next level and to achieve their goals. The solutions we provide aren't always obvious and, frequently, not what's expected (we're not going to propose you invest in a hefty glossy brochure if we know a business card and a well-structured email will get better results).

Who are we?

We're rather proud of being a small team: there are just the four of us at Plain Creative, but we also include a wider network of associates with whom we work collaboratively and effectively on a project-by-project basis.

This means if there’s anything we can’t do (PR and photography, for example) then we bring in the people who can, making sure they are also equally talented, share our ethos and principles. It's an approach our clients also seem to like.

The only thing we don't have is account managers: we prefer our clients to always have direct contact with the partners and the people doing the work.

Our approach.

We draw on our collective experience to develop brand positioning and communications aligned to the business or project objective. We're always open to exploring different ideas and direction, interrogating a brief from a customer viewpoint so that we can better refine key messages and articulate the brand.

It's an honest, open, creative and collaborative approach; it's one which involves the client throughout and values their input.

This may all sound obvious - just because it's common sense doesn't always mean it's common practice - but it's an approach which works and it's also one which has seen us working with very happy clients for many years.

Simple. Effective. Plain. Creative.