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LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) was established in 2007 to hold the Nuclear Site Licence for the Repository, which is owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). It ensures that low level waste (LLW) generated in the UK is disposed of in a way that protects people and the environment.

The 110ha West Cumbrian Site has operated safely as the nation’s low level radioactive waste disposal facility for over 50 years and receives waste from a range of customers, such as the nuclear industry, the Ministry of Defence, non-nuclear industries, and educational, medical and research establishments. Most of the waste, typically comprising paper, cardboard, plastic, protective clothing, soil, rubble and metal, arrives at the site in large metal containers. The great majority of waste is delivered by rail and to make best use of the available transport networks LLWR operates its own railway sidings.

Through the use of Waste Management Services, LLWR delivers safe and effective options to waste producers to reduce and recycle their wastes, with the aim of preserving capacity at the Repository.

Alternative disposal and treatment routes have been established for different types of waste, provided by commercial organisations working with LLWR, to enable waste to be diverted from the Repository.

LLWR has enjoyed major successes in diverting waste. In 2009, just 15% of waste was diverted from the Repository. In 2016/17 the figure stood at over 88%, with higher volumes diverted than ever before, eliminating the requirement for a second Repository, costing billions of pounds.

But not all of LLWR’s investments are tangible. No one but our communities can bestow a ‘social licence to operate’, which is why LLWR places as much emphasis on developing strong community bonds as contractual and regulatory relationships. It applies a sustainable ethos to all it does and strives to be an ethically-responsible organisation.

Each year LLWR donates £1.5m to the Copeland Community Fund, for worthy local projects, £50,000 of which is ring-fenced for initiatives and projects within the Parish of Drigg and Carleton – the closest community to the LLWR Site. A further £35,000 is set aside annually for investment in community initiatives within a 15-mile radius of the Site.

When the company embarked on a planning application that, if/when granted, would secure the Site’s future until 2050, keeping the public informed was a top priority.

Regular meetings are held with local stakeholders, to keep the community up to date on the latest developments, and the workforce is also kept well-informed, in part through regular meetings with the Managing Director.

The workforce fund-raises for a Charity of the Year of its choice, and many also volunteer for additional charity events supported by LLWR.

Learn more about the organisation, including current job vacancies, at llwrsite.com