You’ll quickly realise our approach to recruitment isn’t traditional. It’s not about bums on seats, overpromising and under-delivering. There’s certainly not a quick fix mind-set around here.

What recruitment is to CLEARNORTH

We believe in and rely firmly on developing and nurturing our professional network and see potential and opportunity in each and every person. And see our job as maximising this potential.

So what is it about our professional network that is so valuable that we base our business on it?

The key is having a strong relationship with our talented candidates looking for careers and valued clients looking for employees, but we see a much bigger picture.

It’s the clients, candidates, the business partners, colleagues, industry experts, BECBC members, apprentices and social media users that we share our experience and exchange knowledge with that make our job so much more enjoyable.

At any moment, candidates could become clients and a valued client could become a candidate. It’s these introductions and opportunities that can come from the least expected place that make maintaining this network so essential to us.

Overall it’s about taking a long term view and developing a culture of integrity and honesty in a highly competitive marketplace.

What Cumbria is to CLEARNORTH

We truly live and breathe the Choose Cumbria ethos. Cumbria is a stunningly beautiful place to work, and has a very bright future indeed. We are proud to own and operate our business here. And spend our day encouraging others to do the same.

Our own business is made up of ‘relocators’ from as far as Australia and Wales alongside ‘returners’ and ‘stayers’ from Cumbria.

We are well aware of the unique challenges that one can find working and running a business in Cumbria, we have first hand knowledge that we are happy to share.

What CLEARNORTH could do for you

So why don’t you start your search with us? We believe in Cumbria, it’s future and the quality of life on offer. So if you are a construction, engineering professional or business and would like a confidential and honest discussion about what there is for you here… connect with us today.