Bender UK is in the business of saving lives. Bender specialises in the development of innovative solutions for safe handling of electrical power specifically tailored to meet the needs of its customers across a wide range of sectors from healthcare, rail and marine engineering through to electric cars, data handling centres and solar power generation.

Bender is a global technology leader in electrical safety and monitoring systems, and the products emerging from its German research and manufacturing centres ensure the protection of people and the safe operation of machines, plants and systems around the world.

Wherever absolute confidence and security for the supply and control of electrical power is required there is a good chance Bender products will be involved, albeit behind the scenes, or perhaps more accurately behind the covers of vital electrical equipment.  

Bender components protect the complex systems on board Royal Navy surface ships and the Astute class submarines; ensure the electrical safety of a new generation of electric racing cars which generate 850 horsepower but no carbon emissions and protect the integrity of signalling systems that control Britain’s railways.

The life-saving role is even more acute in the medical sector where Bender has an enviable track record in maintaining power to vital equipment used for life support, diagnosis and treatment.

Bender UK is principally involved in the application, installation, servicing support and sales of the huge range of Bender equipment which is all manufactured in Germany.  Managing director Steve Mason is proud of the worldwide reputation of its German parent company, but prouder still of the continuing growth of the UK operation, both in terms of orders and its own reputation for outstanding service and customer support.

He recognises that the challenge for his team is to match the levels of excellence demonstrated by the equipment, and by selecting and developing the right people he has seen the business grow year on year.

Bender UK is based at the Low Mill Business Park in Ulverston, and currently employs almost 40 people. This is likely to increase as the company continues its expansion into its new building in late 2016 or early 2017.

Steve Mason explains: “There is a huge market for Bender products because of the vast range of electrical systems that cannot be allowed to fail or shut down – even for a few seconds. 

"Customers rely on our equipment to monitor the performance of their equipment, and protect their isolated power supplies (IPS) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), to warn them of potential faults or power leakages, and to help them plan maintenance and maximise the efficiency of their systems.

“Much of our equipment is designed to make customers aware of problems before they become critical so that they can institute preventative maintenance, but we also manufacture equipment that provides a failsafe to ensure that if one power source ceases to operate, it switches over so quickly to an alternative power source that the interruption is imperceptible.

“In medical installations that performance can be the difference between life or death and our teams are acutely aware of the responsibility they carry in supplying and maintaining Bender equipment and systems.  Performance can be equally critical in sensitive manufacturing operations, power generation and management and processing sites – again even a brief interruption of power supply can be disastrous.

“Part of our job is to ensure that never happens and to maximise the operational performance and availability of the systems we support.” 

Bender UK has demonstrated a particular talent for seizing new opportunities created by changes in industry regulations or market conditions.

Steve adds: “Our products are recognised as the leaders across a range of different markets but part of the challenge for our business is to continue to develop our workforce and to educate new markets about the ways in which we can help to enhance safety and integrity of supply, and boost their overall efficiency.

“That’s the foundation on which we will continue to grow the business.”