Bender UK has been established 20 years and is based in a new purpose built three-million-pound facility in Ulverston, South Cumbria. Part of the global family owned German Bender Group, the company is an expert in the field of electrical safety and power monitoring solutions used in a range of demanding industry sectors.

Bender UK’s team of 45 personnel are involved in the sales, project management, technical support, commissioning, service and applications engineering of advanced Bender products and solutions.

The primary purpose of Bender technology is to monitor electrical systems and provide advanced warning of developing insulation failures and earth faults to prevent downtime in critical applications which cannot afford to lose power.


Bender Technologies include: Insulation monitoring, residual current monitoring, power quality and energy monitoring and measuring and monitoring relays.  

Healthcare – Bender is regarded for its power solutions for group 2 medical locations, providing Isolated Power Systems (IPS) and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) to protect staff and patients in Hospitals. Bender also provides turnkey operating theatre installations, LED surgical lights and pendants, touch screen control panels (TCP) and air canopies.

Industrial – safeguarding manufacturing and processing operations against unexpected shutdown via the use of residual current and power quality monitoring systems which also track power usage to identify potential energy savings.

Energy – Bender technology is used in solar, wind, water and nuclear sectors safeguarding the vital links between critical power installations and network distribution to meet statutory requirements and ensure resilience, availability and safety.

Oil, Gas and Subsea – more effective management of key elements in the offshore and on-shore oil and gas infrastructure is facilitated by Bender monitoring equipment, including offline monitoring to ensure availability of systems including fire-fighting pumps, winches and cranes, and collaboration with OEMs on bespoke sub-sea applications.

Ships and Marine – In both offshore and onshore applications, Bender provides extensive solutions for every aspect of reliable power supplies from ships and submarines, to offshore facilities, and on to crane and container systems.

Electric Vehicles – Bender is a world leader in the application of standard compliant safety solutions for charging stations and the operating systems for hybrid and electric vehicles collaborating with major manufacturers and partnering high profile bus projects.

Rail – an approved supplier to Network Rail, Bender UK has developed technology to monitor and protect trackside power supplies and signaling systems across England and Wales, anticipating failure or service dropout to enable predictive and preventive maintenance and precisely identify at-risk areas.

Defence – complex systems on board Royal Navy surface ships and the Astute-class submarines are protected by Bender technology to provide advanced warning of insulation failures or earth faults, to ensure operational availability.

Bender technology is widely in use throughout Cumbria, the UK and Ireland. The company has a network of service engineers who are on call 24/7 365 to provide round the clock call-out and technical support capability to its customers. Bender is the power in electrical safety.