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Jake Edmonds

Weekends are more rewarding in Cumbria for Jake

Published on: Wednesday 6th June 2018
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Jake Edmonds' Story

Jake Edmonds, 23, is originally from Whitehaven. After graduating from Newcastle University, he returned to his hometown to work as a Consultant Engineer at React Engineering.


In his spare time, Jake enjoys having access to the Lake District National Park, which is on his doorstep.

“There’s a massive choice of things to do at the weekend, whether on the coast or within the national park. I enjoy fell walking and try to get up the fells as much as I can with friends.”

He says: “Living here is unique in that you can visit the Lakes and do everything that a tourist would but spend nothing more than petrol money. There’s nothing to stop you from doing that every Saturday and Sunday.

"It makes your weekend so much more rewarding when you get the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery. You come back to work on a Monday morning feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready for the week ahead.”

“You’re aware that you’re not living in a city, but if you have an appreciation for outdoor lifestyle and really challenging work within the industry that is here then it’s a fantastic place to come to. It’s also reasonable in terms of cost of living.”

“If you want a challenge in the nuclear industry, it’s the perfect place to be – then you’ve got the added benefit of living close to the national park. That’s unique for most people.”

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