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Usha Mistry

Usha is inspired by the rich culture in Cumbria

Published on: Tuesday 13th December 2016
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Usha Mistry, 41, Project Manager for Lakes Culture, lives in Kendal

After leaving London behind, Usha has found a more exciting lifestyle and career in Cumbria.


Usha is perfectly placed to know about all the exciting events taking place in Cumbria, and she loves introducing her family to the latest cultural offerings.

“They look forward to The Lakes International Comic Art Festival and Lakes Alive,” she said. “My children were wowed by the art commissions that Lakes Culture did for Lakes Ignite and my daughter Anya said, ‘My mummy did that’. I had to explain that it was made by the artists, but it made me so happy to think they’re proud of their mum.

“Kids appreciate things and see them differently. My children went to see PaperBridge, an art installation in the landscape of a bridge created from 22,000 sheets of paper supplied by James Cropper, for Lakes Ignite in 2015. Recently, my son Jay broke a satsuma in half, put in on the table and said, ‘Look, it’s the paper bridge’. That memory has stayed with him and he’s made it his own. It’s really special and it couldn’t have happened anywhere else.

“I love going to the cinema and we’re only a short walk from the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. I’ve just been to the launch of Theatre by the Lake’s 2017 season which looks amazing so I’m sure I’ll be taking a few drives up to Keswick to enjoy them.

“There are lots of intimate venues in Cumbria so you can get up close to the art pieces - and you’re never on a timed ticket! It’s a lot more relaxed than experiencing culture in a city, so you can enjoy it more.

“Even if you live in a little village, you’re not far away from somewhere where you can see an outstanding piece of performance, art - or just feel inspired yourself.

“I love life in Cumbria and can’t imagine finding somewhere nicer for my family.”

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