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Furzana Nazir

Temporary Detective Superintendent Furzana Nazir, 51, works for Cumbria Police and lives in Kendal

Published on: Saturday 20th October 2018
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I was brought up in Teeside, but initially I couldn’t join Cleveland police because I was under the minimum height requirement, so I followed my other passion, which was sport. I moved to Windermere back in 1989 when I was about 23, initially to work in the leisure industry at Windermere Swimming Pool.

In the intervening years, the rules around height changed so I joined the police, first as a special and then as regular officer in 1993. I always wanted to join because I wanted to help people. That’s my earliest memory of it, of wanting to help people - that’s where my journey began.

First of all, it was work that brought me to Cumbria. But when I had my two girls, I thought that this was the place that I wanted to bring them up. It had a different pace about it, which I liked. When I went and looked at the schools, I thought I want my girls to grow up in Cumbria.

We’ve got our fair share of shops, but from Oxenholme the fast train gets you to London in two hours 45 minutes, or I can go and visit my daughter in Manchester where there’s wonderful shopping. Then you get to come back to the lovely scenery, and what beautiful scenery there is here, the lakes and the mountains.

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