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Tamara Tatton

Tamara Tatton is Sergeant of Citizens in Policing at Cumbria Constabulary

Published on: Friday 12th October 2018
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Originally from Surrey, Tamara moved from Windsor to Cumbria in 2016 with her partner and their three-year-old daughter. Tamara, 38, and her family now live in Penrith.


“We live near Ullswater, so spend a lot of time there with the dog. We do a lot of child-based activities, like Rheged, with our three-year-old and there’s so much she can get involved in.

“We want to enjoy the environment that we now call home, not take it for granted, and get involved in as many things as we can,” Tamara says.

“The move to Cumbria has given us everything we wanted and more.

“From a work capacity, I’ve had so many more opportunities given to me through Cumbria Constabulary. That then complements everything outside of work, too.

“The ability to come out of the commuter belt we were stuck in and purchase a much larger house - a home that we never would have dreamed of being able to buy in Windsor.

“It’s not as chaotic as what we left behind. We’ve achieved that classic different pace of life. We're still very busy, but it’s much nicer to be busy when you’re surrounded by lovely things."

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