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Sue has loved working at “brilliant” Kimberly-Clark in Cumbria

Published on: Thursday 27th July 2017
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Sue McClean, Training Centre Manager at Kimberly-Clark, lives in Barrow

Sue has made a career of training apprentices at Kimberly-Clark while maintaining a great work/life balance in Cumbria.


Sue and husband Bob have a shared love of outdoor pursuits – particularly rallying with historic cars.

“Bob and I first met when we were running Scout troops many years ago and got married after I graduated from university,” she said. “We’re lucky because we’ve always enjoyed doing the same kind of things.

“We love rallying, and I also enjoy researching my family history. While Bob’s in the garage rebuilding cars, I look into my family history - it’s fascinating.

“We’re perfectly placed for our hobbies in Cumbria and I’ve never wanted to move away.”

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