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Stewart swaps north-east Scotland for exciting career prospects in south Cumbria

Published on: Monday 23rd March 2015
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Stewart Doyle, 53, is an engineering director at GSK, at Ulverston.


"I am part of the site leadership team and I am responsible for the maintenance of the plant, making sure it is fit and safe to operate and compliant with all the various regulations," said Stewart, 53, who has been working in the chemical industry for about 30 years.

"The other side is managing our capital investment. We have got quite a large investment programme. When I came here initially we were spending up to £5m in a year and that has rapidly increased, we spent in excess of  £23m last year and we will spend over £30m  this year.

"One of the factors for me coming here was that there is all the re-investment into the site and the prospect of the biopharms factory across the road, that really does make for an exciting time here."


For Stewart and his wife Anne, 47, one of the priorities of the move was finding a good school for son Edward, who is now 19. "When we moved in July 2012 Edward went into Ulverston Victoria High School," said Stewart.

"It is a good school and he has been able to settle in there and he has made lots of friends and the school were really supportive. He has made a good network of friends and has got  an engineering apprenticeship with a local company.

"My wife has made friends and now got a network of people she socialises with and one of the good things with Ulverston is that is has that community feel. We liked it from the moment we saw it.

"We are within walking distance of the town which is a lovely little place. It has a bit of character. It has places like the Coronation Hall and we have been to events there and the Roxy Cinema, which still looks like a proper old cinema.

"All the regular shops and chain shops are eight miles down the road in Barrow so it is really easy. We went to Lancaster this weekend just gone and that's only 40 minutes on the train and you can get on the mainline there. We have caught the train up to Scotland and down to London for the weekend as well."


"Where I lived in North East Scotland there is some lovely countryside, but the Lake District takes some beating." said Stewart.

"There are so many places you can visit. We went away last summer to Ravenglass on the coast and spent some time in Wastwater and they are fantastic places. Outside of work we like to go and visit different areas and there are always nice places to eat around here as well.

"If you want the busier part you can go to Bowness or Ambleside, but there are plenty of choices of quieter places too. One of the advantages of being here is that people want to come and visit. We have friends who live in England and it has been a bit of a stretch for them to get to Scotland but they can get here more easily."

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