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Steve finds his adrenaline rush in Cumbria

Published on: Monday 6th August 2018
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Steve Cooper, 47, is the managing director of Racing and Leisure at the Cavendish family-owned Holker Group.

Steve recently relocated to Cumbria for the role, accompanied by his partner Chrissie – who works for GSK – and two-year-old daughter Lottie. The family now live in a barn conversion on the Holker estate.


While career progression attracted Steve to Cumbria, so too did the promise of a better lifestyle that Cumbria offers.

“I knew it was picturesque, because everybody comes to the Lake District, but when you move here you get a real sense of community and pride,” he says.

“In terms of property, facilities, schools and a place for family to grow up, I think Cumbria is really attractive.”

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