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Steff has achieved her career goal in Cumbria

Published on: Wednesday 12th October 2016
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Steff Hazlehurst, 44, a Senior Funding and Contracts Officer at University of Cumbria, lives in Burgh by Sands

Steff returned to Cumbria after seeing a role at the University of Cumbria advertised on the Choose Cumbria website. Steff had dreamed of working at a university in her home county for 20 years, and has finally fulfilled her ambition.


Steff now has more time to spend on her hobbies and is enjoying being closer to her family in Cumbria.

“I enjoy making things – textiles, quilts, dresses and crochet – so I’ve been doing more of that,” she said. “I finish work at 5.30pm now, so the extra two hours every evening have been very useful.

“I’ve also joined the Carlisle Canoe Club as I enjoyed outdoor pursuits when I was at school and university.”

Steff is also spending more time with her parents, who live in Egremont, and other relatives in Cumbria.

“I was away for 25 years and only came back once or twice a year, so I have a lot more time for family,” she said. “They’re only an hour away now so my mum is absolutely delighted I’m back in Cumbria.

“She went to check out our house in the first place and made arrangements with the estate agent, so she’s been part of the story from the beginning.

“I’m still settling in, but it’s so lovely to be back in Cumbria. It’s what I’ve wanted for 20 years.”

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