Scott has found the recipe for success in Cumbria

Scott has found the recipe for success in Cumbria

Scott Barge, 30, Langdale Estate Head Chef, lives in Kendal

After moving to Cumbria to expand his skills, Scott is now Langdale’s Head Chef.


Scott started his career in Cumbria as Chef De Partie and now oversees the kitchens at both Stove and Wainwrights' Inn on the Langdale Estate.

“I worked in Northumberland for two and a half years after finishing my college course,” said Scott, who grew up just outside Birmingham. “While I was there, I met my wife Sarah, who also works at Langdale, and she was relocated to Manchester.

“We moved to the north-west and about two years later, the head chef I worked with in Northumberland was working at Langdale. I came up to Cumbria for a weekend visit, really liked what they were doing at Langdale, loved the area and decided that Cumbria was where I wanted to be.

“I’ve now worked at Langdale for seven years in July. I initially dropped down to Chef De Partie to expand my knowledge. I didn’t have experience of two rosettes as I’d only done one rosette in big hotels, so the opportunity to come here was great. 

“Over the years, opportunities have come up to progress within the company and I’ve now been promoted to oversee both kitchens.

“My role now involves trying to spot issues before they happen, improving the team I work with and making sure the customer gets what they want, when they want it.

“Langdale is a great location. The company takes a great interest in you as a person, so it feels more than just a job. You can really feel at home here.”


Scott and Sarah have now settled in Cumbria and are expecting their first child this summer.

“We own a house in Kendal, so this is home now,” he said. “I really enjoy Kendal. It’s the gateway to The Lake District but only an hour away from Manchester so you get the best of both worlds. I’m not really a city person, so this is the perfect location for me.

“When we first moved to Cumbria, we lived on the Langdale Estate for a year. When you live in, you’re at home when you’re at work and the people around you become your family. There’s always someone who will take you under their wing.

“My advice to people who are thinking of relocating to Cumbria is: just do it!”


Scott enjoys playing golf in his spare time, and his passion for food extends beyond his career.

“I enjoy playing golf and there are lots of fantastic golf courses in Cumbria,” he said. “I’m a member at Kendal Golf Club, it’s a good workout.

“I also like eating out. For those dining at Langdale, I’d recommend the Stove Signature Sharing Lamb as it shows off what’s great about Cumbria.

“I enjoy ribs and barbecue food, and I think The Lakes is missing that. In the future, I’d love to open a rib restaurant myself.

“Cumbria is definitely home now and I’m so glad it’s all worked out for Sarah and I.”

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