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Sarah and Arun say Barrow is perfect for family life

Published on: Tuesday 14th April 2015
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Arun Thimmiah, 37, and Sarah Arun, 38, GPs working and living in Barrow

Husband and wife Sarah Arun and Arun Thimmiah have got involved in an aspect of medicine they never expected while working and living in Barrow.


The couple, who have been living in Barrow since 2008 and originally moved to the UK from India, not only do their day jobs as GPs at two different practices but are also sit on Cumbria's clinical commissioning group.

While Sarah, who works at the Norwood Medical Centre, is the cardiology lead for Furness, Arun is the cancer lead.

"This is one of the things about Furness, there is a lot of chance for younger people to develop because it is quite a large area," said Sarah, 38.

"I think the CCG is more the political part of being a GP, you look at the financial aspects. I never considered myself someone who would sit in meetings and be vocal about things but it is an interesting process."

"There are a good opportunities here for people who want to develop and don't just want to stick to the regular day job of general practice," said Arun, who works at the Abbey Road Surgery.

"It is also looking at the quality of the healthcare and having the opportunity to look at the quality issues and reasons and help the health services develop. We are party of the Better Care Together programme and it is a project to make healthcare better for the future and we do have an input into that."


When they moved to the area Sarah and Arun decided to begin a family and have raised their son Nishanth, seven, as a Barrovian.

"It is a very, very good place to bring up a family. It is a safe place and because it is quite small we know most of the people around," said Sarah.

"The crime levels are low and the people we have been involved with are all lovely people, we have never felt out of place. Our son goes to Chetwynde and it is an excellent opportunity for him but most of the schools are very good," said Arun.

"It is very multicultural here. In my practice we have a Greek GP and a South African who have all moved here and settled here. One of the GPs who retired recently was from Canada."


Nishanth's interest in getting involved in different outdoor activities and sport keeps the family active.

"You are within the Lake District and there are loads of things that we can do," said Sarah.

"I think being in this place you tend to want to become more active, coming from India we are not outdoor kind of people.

"Our son is very, very active and he is a member of the Barrow Swimming Club and so we have had to start going swimming. He is planning on being in the athletics team and the cricket team as well."

"We wanted to make sure he involved himself completely in everything and so we have become involved ourselves," said Arun.

"We are planning on having his birthday party at Go Ape in Grizedale Forest and if you are an outdoory type of person it is a very good place to be."

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