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Rosie loves living with “beauty on the doorstep”

Published on: Thursday 12th March 2015
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Rosie Wilkinson, 34, care navigator for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, from Barrow

Rosie Wilkinson has been encouraged to develop her expertise while living and working with "beauty on the doorstep".


As a care navigator for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Rosie, 34, helps people who are recovering from serious injuries and illnesses rehabilitate.

"We have had various clients who've had heart transplants and we have helped them accept and manage that, and I have recently been working with a girl who is 21 and has had a serious car accident," said Rosie.

"It has been a massive thing, but the support from the organisation and the other teams has been immense, especially when it comes to training.

"There is a really good vocational trainer and last year I completed my medicines management stage two. I am also a union rep for the trust and so I did my health and safety stage one and my union representation stage one, but I also completed my allied health professional diploma last year. The support I have had has been amazing.

"I do quite a lot with the union and I have been a delegate at congress for the last three years as a speaker and they have allowed me time off this year to go to Dublin and speak about topics relating to the NHS. If you want to progress then they will help you."


"We've got beauty on our doorstep. The Lakes is right on our doorstep, but it's not only that, the community as a whole is lovely.

"Barrow is a very close knit town and the support network within Barrow is brilliant. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. One example of that is Kids Fest sponsored by BAE, that actually gets the community as a whole together and it is amazing to see.

"Barrow has really, really good schools. My eldest goes to senior school next year and we have looked around all of them and you can't knock them. The Academy has got a new track and field and it's really, really good.

"In the community where I live I will let my children play out in the street; there are other children of a similar age on the street and all the parents look after each others' kids."


The Lake District and the large number of clubs and associations in Barrow mean there is plenty to do for Rosie's children Rio, 10, and Sadie, nine.

"We go walking or go up to Windermere and Bowness and go on the steamers," said Rosie. "My children love the outdoors and they aren't stuck in front of a computer or the TV. They've got beauty on the doorstep, there are so many views and everything. It doesn't cost anything, you can just put a picnic in the car and the whole day is yours.

"The kids like swimming, netball, sewing clubs, they do all sorts of things. My daughter's just come back from London with the school, the school are constantly taking them away on educational trips."

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