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Ray Roberts Choose Cumbria 2016

Ray reminisces on a career spanning four decades at Kimberly-Clark

Published on: Tuesday 31st May 2016
Categorised under: Work , Barrow, Cumbria, Kimberly Clark

Ray Roberts, 64, has just retired from Kimberly-Clark after working for the company for almost 45 years

Ray started work at Kimberly-Clark in September 1971, and is the longest-serving employee at the Barrow site. After a career spanning four decades, Ray is still glad that he chose the company and Cumbria.


Ray lives with wife June, who has worked for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust [a partner of Choose Cumbria] for over 30 years, and has never contemplated leaving Cumbria.

“Cumbria is a lovely area compared to a lot of places,” he said. “People are so friendly here and house prices are more affordable.

“It’s handy to get to work as well - it must be a nightmare to travel so far every day in bigger cities.

“I wouldn’t ever move away from Cumbria. I’d miss it too much.”

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