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Phil found perfect place to develop career

Published on: Monday 16th March 2015
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Phil Allpress, 49, PM1 Asset Leader, Kimberly-Clark, Barrow.

Phil Allpress came to Kimberly-Clark as a systems engineer in 2002, but has been able to progress his career while enjoying a good quality of life for him and his family.


Phil, originally from Tynemouth, worked in various parts of the UK prior to coming to South Cumbria, but is now happily settled in his job and life in the pretty village of Broughton Beck on the edge of the Lake District National Park.

“I came here as a systems engineer, but the opportunities are very good here in terms of diversity and throughout my career here I have progressed from systems engineer through to operations leader, which involves looking after 45 people,” said Phil.

“You are looking at safety and the development of people and the performance of the asset and the maintenance of the asset. It is varied and there is certainly never a dull day. There is a great feeling of camaraderie and team working, you never feel like you are alone. The opportunities within Kimberly-Clark are really good. If you have a clear direction on where you want your career to go it is a great place to develop.

“When I first came, I didn’t really see this as an area where I would spend my career. You always think of it as a land of beauty and not an area of manufacturing but there is a lot of diversity in terms of opportunities.”


Phil says South Cumbria has provided a good lifestyle and education for him, wife Sarah, 51, and children Jack, 20, Megan, 17, and Ethan, eight.

“Prior to moving into Cumbria I was doing about two-and-a-half hours each side of the day to commute to work, now you look at a 15-minute delay as a concern,” he said.

“We have got some really good schools in the area and schooling in South Cumbria is as good, if not better, than anywhere else I have seen, and there is the opportunity to pick and choose where your children go to school. Sending your children to the school of your choosing is a really great opportunity for your children when you move here.

“Manchester, Merseyside and North Wales are only a couple of hours away and you’ve got other big cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle within a three-hour distance if you want to go there.”


“I do a lot of walking and cycling and canoeing. All those interests that you associate with the Lake District are directly on your doorstep,” said Phil.

“When I was a child I used to visit Keswick and Ullswater and it is lovely to live in the area you used to visit on holiday. From South Cumbria you can get to lots of the quieter parts of the area. Most people will go the Windermere or Ullswater but Coniston and the Western Lakes are a lot quieter, it tends to be mainly local people who use those areas.”

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