Peter is ending his career in Cumbria after working all over the world

Peter is ending his career in Cumbria after working all over the world

Peter is ending his career in Cumbria after working all over the world

Peter Duignan, Engineering Manager at Kimberly-Clark, lives in Barrow

Peter’s career with Kimberly-Clark has opened up lots of exciting opportunities, and he is keen to give something back to the business before his retirement.


After beginning his career in the summer of 1978 as an apprentice electrician, Peter has travelled all over the world with Kimberly-Clark.

“When I started my career, there were 350 applicants for one role and I was fortunate to get the position,” he said. “I completed my apprenticeship and later did a distance learning degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with the Open University.

“I became engineering team leader and then worked as a shift manager, so I’ve been involved with people and processes throughout my career.

“After 27 years in Barrow, I joined the European business to help with developments in equipment care and maintenance. That developed into a global role for two years, which was a fantastic opportunity to work with our teams around the globe.

“I’ve been to every continent excepct Antarctica, and worked in far-reaching places including Peru, Venezuela, South Korea and Russia.

“Once I was in a Kimberly-Clark facility, I was accepted as part of the family. Uniforms and languages were different, but the objectives were the same and people were always so friendly. I’ve made lots of good friends around the world.

“I came back to Cumbria just under four years ago. I wanted to finish my career at Kimberly-Clark in Barrow and give something back, and I was very fortunate that opportunity came along when my predecessor retired.

“Retirement isn’t the end for me, it’s just the start of a new phase. There are lots of things to achieve that are not just career centred.

“Working for Kimberly-Clark has opened up so many opportunities for me, both inside and outside of work. I’ve been very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and it’s now time for someone else to grasp that opportunity.”


Despite working all over the world, Peter and his family have always kept their base in Cumbria.

“Manchester Airport became my second home at times, but we’ve always kept our permanent base in Barrow,” he said. “In Cumbria, you’re never too far away from anywhere in the UK, even though you’ve got everything you need around you here.

“We live in a beautiful area, so I want to enjoy what we have around us and not take it for granted.

“A lot of people travel here on holiday, so why not live and work in a place that many people like to have as a holiday destination? You can’t get any better.”


Peter is planning to enjoy more of his hobbies during his retirement.

“I play golf, so I’d like to get more into that,” he said. “I also cycle quite a lot, and a team of us cycled from Kimberly-Clark in Barrow to the Kimberly-Clark site in Northfleet a few years ago.

“We also go walking with our dog, so we get quite a bit of outdoor exercise.

“I don’t have any big plans to travel at the moment, so I may do some charity work locally and explore that avenue.

“I’ve had a fantastic career with Kimberly-Clark and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.”

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