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Paula finds “career pinnacle” in South Cumbria

Published on: Tuesday 21st April 2015
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Paula Evans, 48, Assistant Chief Nurse for Children and Young People at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, lives in Kendal

Paula Evans was immediately attracted to work in South Cumbria by the friendly and enthusiastic approach of her colleagues and the stunning scenery of the surrounding areas.


Paula, 48, works as Assistant Chief Nurse for Children and Young People, within the Women and Childrens Division, spreading her time between Furness General Hospital, the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Westmorland General.

"Any child or young person that comes into those hospitals then I am the Assistant Chief Nurse responsible for them and have a responsibility for making sure they get what they need from a quality, safety and strategic perspective working alongside a fantastic team of highly qualified staff " said Paula.

Paula was previously working in Plymouth, but was attracted to Morecambe Bay a year ago by the chance to progress her career.

"The entire feeling of Morecambe Bay Hospitals felt very friendly and very welcoming. I have worked in quite a few hospitals and it is the feeling you get that makes you to want to work somewhere and here the feeling was very friendly.

"What I like about the organisation is that it is very non-hierarchical, so for example the Executive Chief Nurse, Deputy Chief Nurses, the Assistant Chief Nurses and the matrons all wear the same uniform. Therefore all people see is the uniform and not the title.

"I am actually really lucky because I have got a really good team working with me both within the division and within the wider hospital. This includes my medical colleagues, matrons, ward managers and educators and also obviously all the frontline who deliver such a fantastic job even in challenging circumstances.

"The division is a very cohesive team and both the womens and childrens part of the division work closely together to ensure that all people who access any part of the service get the highest quality of care possible. I would also say the relationship we have with commissioners is excellent.

"It is a very exciting time to work at Morecambe Bay as the prospects are here for anyone wanting to join the Children and Young People's team. Among the developments we are currently looking at is the development of our Integrated Child Health Nursing Teams which means there are new opportunities for staff development and promotion of current staff working within the womens and childrens civision.

"We are also looking at developing our Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioners, which basically means they are highly trained nurses to junior doctors level. This is new initiative within childrens services at Morecambe Bay and from a career development point of view it is fantastic opportunity.

"From a career development and opportunities point of view Morecambe Bay is a fantastic place to be."


Paula and husband Ian, 47, have enjoyed living in Kendal since they moved to South Cumbria.

"I chose to live in Kendal because it is in the middle of the three bases I have to cover, for my work it is completely central," said Paula.

"What is really good is that if you are in Barrow and you want to go Lancaster you can take the train and that journey is breathtaking. If you don't want to take the train then the bus is almost like a day out.

"The food is also very nice up here with some Michelin stared restaurant’s and if you like real ale there are some excellent pubs that serve this along with some micro-breweries within South Cumbria."


"The walking up here is fantastic and the cycle tracks are really good as well," said Paula, who likes to go and explore the Lake District at the weekends.

"I like to walk where you have got the views of the lakes, I like it when you can see the sun shimmering on the lakes.

"We regularly go up to the Lake District and Bowness on Windermere and the views that you have of the hills is just breathtaking. When there is snow on the hills you could be anywhere and it does remind me of some of the scenery in Canada.

"Having worked in various places within the country I would say that for me coming up to the Lake District is probably one of the pinnacles of my career. It is such a nice place to be and everybody is so friendly and the hospitals are so supportive and encouraging. I would highly recommend  coming to work and play here."

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