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Mia Postlethwaite chose an Apprenticeship with Cumbria's Leading Personal Development Company

Published on: Tuesday 5th March 2019
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As well as providing advice and guidance on apprenticeships to its clients, Inspira works with local colleges and training providers to offer apprenticeship positions covering all of its delivery areas throughout Cumbria and Lancashire.

The apprenticeship roles it offers range from business administration and customer service to IT.

Recent changes to apprenticeship funding and the increased access to training opportunities has meant existing members of staff have also been able to access apprenticeship training, such as in accounting and finance, and Inspira is hopeful it will expand in to other disciplines.

Mia Postlethwaite, 21, tells us more about her role at Inspira and why she enjoys being an apprentice.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I wanted to be able to earn my own money, but also gain skills, experience and qualifications at the same time.

What did you get out of your apprenticeship? I have gained a level two and three business administration qualification, but as well as this I have gained so much confidence and professionalism that I know will help me throughout life.

I have worked for Inspira for the past three years and I love working here; I’m very grateful for the skills and opportunities I’ve gained!

Take us through a typical day

I work across contracts within Inspira – careers information, advice and guidance, National Careers Service, National Citizen Service, The Key and Launchpad.

I input and provide data for all these contracts and provide admin support to other staff as required, this could be preparing resources, supporting the use of IT equipment, creating documents, communicating with employers, schools and clients.

I also greet customers coming into the office and answer the telephones dealing with any queries that arise.

What do you like most about the job?

The environment I work in and the people I work with as we are a very close-knit team. We work with a diverse range of young people and adults of all ages and being able to help them through our work is very rewarding.

What do you like least about the job?

I wouldn’t say there is anything I dislike about my job; the office can be fast-paced and busy, but I’ve learned to work in this way and enjoy it.

Why did you want to do this job?

Administrative work was always something I wanted to do, but never had the opportunity to do until I got my apprenticeship with Inspira.

What jobs have you done previously?

The only job I had before starting at Inspira was at a coffee shop in Millom.

Any advice for people wanting to do your role?

It is a really great profession to be in; some people think it is just a case of sitting at a desk all day, but in reality, it is so much more!

I have had the opportunity to gain qualifications and training and the work experience I have received has enabled me to improve myself and be promoted into a permanent admin role.

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