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Matthew enjoys great opportunities at GSK

Published on: Tuesday 24th March 2015
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Matthew Allen, 30, is Supply Team Lead at GSK at Ulverston.

Since moving to Ulverston to work for GSK in August 2013, Matthew Allen has had a great time making friends and buying a new home.


As supply team lead Matthew, 30, is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the supply chain of raw materials at the site. "We mainly look after the flow of materials from end to end and, taking into account the demand from our customers, work out how we are going to keep up with that during the year and scheduling in all the inputs," said Matthew.

"The challenges are about dealing with the supply chain and getting things working more efficiently. If we get delayed or we don't hit our schedule then you have to do a lot of re-planning and shuffling things around. The goal is to be proactive but sometimes you have to react as well.

"I get to work with a lot of different people, I will work with operations, I will work with quality assurance and it is quite nice to be able to see the product when it comes in and when it goes out of the door.

"I have a team to manage and I am putting proposals to the site leadership team about big decisions about how to run our plants. It is a great opportunity for me."


"The draw for coming to work here was that I am into the outdoor life and when I was down south I always used to come up here to get out in the Lake District and so when an opportunity came to work here I was really keen," said Matthew, who has recently bought a house in Ulverston.

"I wanted to be close to Ulverston and I wanted somewhere where there is a bit of nightlife and atmosphere. You can get a lot for your money up here so I got  a three bedroom detached house and my gut feeling is that the housing market will only improve with the demand for housing. A lot of companies in the area are all recruiting and there will be a lot of contractors and people looking for somewhere to stay.

"Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The first day I came here everyone said 'good morning' or 'hello', there is a very friendly community feel. People are always willing to help.

"The cost of living is significantly cheaper here. Just eating out or getting a haircut. In Ulverston there is a good range of pubs and restaurants. I certainly love my food and if you want something hearty you can find it and if you want something more fine cuisine you can get that too.

"We have a train station in Ulverston and there is a good connection to Manchester.  I have gone to Manchester a couple of times to meet up with friends there and watch the football or go to the velodrome.

"There are quick connections up to Glasgow as well and if you want to head to London you can go straight from Ulverston or from Oxenholme, near Kendal, where you can get a fast train south. If you wanted to meet friends or get out in London then it is very quick and easy.

"It's a small market town but it is reasonably well connected. It is in a unique spot being close to the Lake District and having good connections elsewhere."


Matthew said there are plenty of opportunities to meet people by taking part in activities and joining the multitude of clubs in the area. "We are probably only half-an-hour from Coniston and there are a lot of low lying fells around," said Matthew, a keen runner. There is a club for everything, you name it; cycling, walking, boating. I am quite big into fell running. I just joined the local club the Black Combe runners and we go out for a social run on a Tuesday, which I found was great way to explore the area. At the weekends we get together and go out for a run or a race.

"This year I have planned  a holiday with a couple of people to go off to the Dolomites in Italy. It will be a bit of climbing and other activities. I found it very easy to meet people and get to know people here."

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