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Lucia Dickinson

Lucia has found The Key to her future career with Inspira

Published on: Thursday 1st June 2017
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Lucia Dickinson, Marketing Manager at Carlisle Brass, lives in Workington

After a successful career in the automotive industry, Lucia was keen to find a rewarding role in Cumbria. Careers management and personal development organisation Inspira introduced Lucia to The Key and supported her with her job search.


Lucia is making the most of her improved work/life balance in Cumbria and spending time with her in-laws.

“I didn’t have much spare time until I moved to Cumbria,” she said. “Our niece and nephew are the cutest kids ever, and Andrew and I love spending time with them and the rest of our family.

“We also love spending time in the countryside, which is brand new to us. We go for lots of walks around the Lakes and up the fells. Andrew missed that as it’s very flat in the Midlands!”

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