Lucia has found The Key to her future career with Inspira

Lucia has found The Key to her future career with Inspira

Lucia Dickinson, Marketing Manager at Carlisle Brass, lives in Workington

After a successful career in the automotive industry, Lucia was keen to find a rewarding role in Cumbria. Careers management and personal development organisation Inspira introduced Lucia to The Key and supported her with her job search.


“I had a hectic life in the Midlands, so I took some time out after moving to Cumbria last summer,” said Lucia, who is originally from Slovakia. “After Christmas, I wanted to get back into employment.

“I met Deb from Inspira at a careers fair in Workington. I was very open-minded about finding a job and wanted to try everything I could and see everything that was available in the whole region.

“Deb helped me to find out more about how the organisation could help me and she introduced me to The Key.

“Deb was my ‘sane brain’ and gave me advice on employers and local companies. She kept me focused on what I wanted and guided me through the Cumbrian employment market.

“It was quite daunting getting back into employment but Deb kept me motivated. I really, really enjoyed the experience and valued my time with Inspira.

“I’ve seen Inspira in its true form and what else The Key can offer. I’ve not come across other organisations like Inspira that provide practical skills and improve people’s qualifications and confidence. I’m very impressed with what they offer.”

Lucia is now working as Marketing Manager at Carlisle Brass, a role she describes as an ‘exciting opportunity’.

“It’s brilliant to know that the UK’s leading ironmongery business is located in Cumbria,” she said. “As Marketing Manager, my role is to create effective communication internally, with our customers and with the local community.

“My role is to ensure more people know about Carlisle Brass and the work we do. I provide brand exposure and want to make sure Carlisle Brass is successful in the future. It’s a lot of fun.”


Lucia relocated to Workington from Warwick with husband Andrew, who grew up in Seaton.

“I met my husband in the Midlands, but he always wanted to return home to Cumbria,” she said. “We were looking for the best way to relocate to Cumbria for about two years and then he was offered a job at Amcor Flexibles.

“When I moved to the area, I had a short career break, took time to settle in to our new house and connected with Andrew’s family.

“Luckily we were very familiar with the region thanks to Andrew’s family and knew we wanted to live in Workington.”


Lucia is making the most of her improved work/life balance in Cumbria and spending time with her in-laws.

“I didn’t have much spare time until I moved to Cumbria,” she said. “Our niece and nephew are the cutest kids ever, and Andrew and I love spending time with them and the rest of our family.

“We also love spending time in the countryside, which is brand new to us. We go for lots of walks around the Lakes and up the fells. Andrew missed that as it’s very flat in the Midlands!”

The Key is a free programme designed in partnership with local employers to help people get the life and career they want. Every participant of The Key programme receives advice and guidance tailored specifically to them and practical support to apply for real job vacancies or learning regardless of how long they have been out of the work place.

Read more at: www.inspira.org.uk/the-key

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