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Liz is proud to be a long-serving member of staff at Castle Green Hotel

Published on: Wednesday 14th June 2017
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Liz Duncan, 42, is Marketing Manager at Castle Green Hotel in Kendal

Marketing Manager Liz has worked at the hotel since it opened its doors in 1997, and plays an integral role in the business


In her spare time, Liz loves exploring Cumbria with her family and colleagues.

“My family and I decided to go to places that we haven’t been to before in Cumbria,” she said. “We went to Silecroft Beach on the west coast and it was amazing. There were big shire horses running up and down and it was fantastic. It felt like a different world on the beach with hills in the background.

“We also loved The Beacon at Whitehaven and Carlisle Castle for the city experience.

“At Castle Green, we organise days out in the county for members of staff. A lot of people enjoy going for walks together and socialising with people from other departments. It makes it a really fun place to work.”

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