Liz is proud to be a long-serving member of staff at Castle Green Hotel

Liz is proud to be a long-serving member of staff at Castle Green Hotel

Liz Duncan, 42, is Marketing Manager at Castle Green Hotel in Kendal

Marketing Manager Liz has worked at the hotel since it opened its doors in 1997, and plays an integral role in the business


Liz started her career at Castle Green Hotel as a receptionist, and has found excellent progression as the hotel has developed over the years.

“I started as a receptionist when the hotel first opened in December 1997, which was an exciting time,” she said. “I then had a dual role with reception and the Conferencing and Events department, before taking on the role of Reception Manager when the current manager was promoted. I did that for about five years and then eventually I became Sales and Marketing Manager.”

“My boss then created the Marketing Manager role for me, as social media in particular was getting so big and I felt that was where my strength and passion lay. I’ve done it for five years now and I love it.

“Social media is huge for us and I like having the direct link to our customers. With social media, you can be the voice of the company and bring out a bit of personality to make it more fun and friendly.

“My role is very varied and I’m also responsible for Castle Green’s marketing collateral, PR, advertising and the analysis of our marketing campaigns. Every day is different which keeps it interesting.”

Liz likes the company’s professional, yet approachable, management style to its employees and enjoys the benefits of working for an independent hotel.

“There’s a culture in the business that we all look after each other,” she said. “We’re on first name terms with our directors. We’re able to challenge things and they listen to us when we voice our opinions.

“Working for an independent hotel, we’re able to make changes. We’ve always had a large refurbishment programme and spend between a quarter and half a million pounds on investment every year. It’s exciting to see the investment and development in the business.”


Liz is full of praise for her hometown of Kendal, and can see why guests at Castle Green Hotel are so impressed with the area.

“Kendal is a vibrant town and people are jealous of us living here with the countryside all around and The Lake District nearby,” she said. “Castle Green is a home from home for some of our repeat guests.

“Kendal’s got everything you need with great schools, great places to shop and eat and great culture with places such as the Brewery Arts Centre. There’s a warm and friendly environment in the town, and Kendal has such personality with its architecture, quirky streets and lots of history.”

Mum-of-two Liz also highlights the future career and development opportunities available in the area.

Kendal College offers a whole range of courses and the University of Cumbria is on your doorstep,” she said. “There’s more than enough for children and young people here if they want to stay in the area.”


In her spare time, Liz loves exploring Cumbria with her family and colleagues.

“My family and I decided to go to places that we haven’t been to before in Cumbria,” she said. “We went to Silecroft Beach on the west coast and it was amazing. There were big shire horses running up and down and it was fantastic. It felt like a different world on the beach with hills in the background.

“We also loved The Beacon at Whitehaven and Carlisle Castle for the city experience.

“At Castle Green, we organise days out in the county for members of staff. A lot of people enjoy going for walks together and socialising with people from other departments. It makes it a really fun place to work.”

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