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Life in South Cumbria is beyond Tessa’s ‘wildest dreams’

Published on: Friday 20th March 2015
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Tessa Pemberton, 58, head of adult speech and language therapy at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, lives near Cartmel.

Moving to South Cumbria has helped Tessa Pemberton progress her career and move somewhere she used to imagine living in her "wildest dreams".


Tessa and husband Stephen moved from Preston to South Cumbria so she could take on a team leader's role with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

"Before I was purely a clinician, but I was employed to manage a team here," said Tessa.

"I was a team leader when I came and I am now actually management with budget responsibilities. I am also head of profession for the whole of Cumbria and so I travel all around Cumbria. What a fantastic place to work and be driving up through Grasmere and Keswick. I often think that I could have taken a similar job in Manchester and what a different journey to work it would have been.

"The biggest difference I notice in South Cumbria is that people are much more relaxed and accepting of the person you are. There is no power dressing and everyone just wears what they feel comfortable in. You are accepted for your work, not your image. I have found people so nice. Everyone has time for you. You are out of the rat race but in a nice way. People just go out of their way if you need help, for me or the patients.

"I am two days in Lancaster and three days up in Barrow and the majority of my work is with stroke patients on the ward. I advise the staff on what to do as well as treating the patients myself."


"My husband had always wanted a second home in the Lake District and it was really beyond our wildest dreams that we would actually move here," said Tessa.

"As the crow flies we are seven miles from the south of Windermere and so we are up in the Lakes in no time. My husband goes and does the shopping and it is a choice between Kendal, Windermere and Ulverston and that's not bad is it?

"We have three grown up children and they just love coming back because it is such a lovely place and there are things for them to do when they come to visit.

"We have been to L'Enclume in Cartmel three times, but that aside the local pubs are really good quality for eating out.

"We love going up to Edinburgh and the train network is fantastic from Oxenholme, near Kendal. You can access everything you want but then come back to the peace and quiet at the end."


"I am a very keen tennis player and so I joined a club up here and the people are very welcoming," said Tessa.

"There is so much that goes on in the community that you wouldn't know about superficially; community things like community choirs, we went to a ceilidh the other night too, and there is so much that you wouldn't know about unless you live here and can dig below the surface.

"We have the best of both worlds. There are tourists in Cartmel, but we can walk on the Cumbria Coastal Way and we don't see a soul. If you like the outdoors there is so much to do, but even if you don't there are all these community groups.

"There is a little theatre people go to called the Heron Theatre in Beetham and there is The Brewery in Kendal. I think there is something for everyone."

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