Kerry has designed a promising career in Cumbria

Kerry has designed a promising career in Cumbria

Kerry Bowd, 25, a Sales Executive at Langdale, lives in Ulverston

Kerry is learning new skills and planning a long-term career with support from Langdale.


After beginning her career as a beauty therapist at Langdale Spa, Kerry is now working in sales for the business.

“I originally chose a career in beauty therapy and worked at Langdale Spa,” she said. “I was there for a couple of years, went to another hotel, then came back to the sales office at Langdale after a year.

“I enjoyed working for Langdale as a company and wanted to try something different, and they were more than happy to take me back.

“While I was in beauty, I learned a lot from Langdale. They made sure I was well trained in customer service and I felt like they were putting in the effort with me.

“Now I feel like I’m learning lots more from the business in my sales role. They encourage me with my college course, which is great.”

Kerry is studying a Level 2 Graphic Design course at Kendal College with the support of Langdale and her manager, Dan Visser.

“Dan has been more than happy to encourage me,” she said. “I had a taste of marketing which I really enjoyed so I thought it would be good to do a graphic design course and Dan told me to go for it. He’s seen how it could be incorporated into my role in the future and has been very supportive. I’m glad that I’m able to try new things with Langdale’s support.

“I study part time and my course explores what to do if a client came to you with a design brief. I’ve been speaking to the marketing team at Langdale about that to get a bit of advice. I’m enjoying all aspects of it so far, so I’ll see what I want to do in the future.”


Kerry, who studied at Ulverston Victoria High School, loves living and working in Cumbria and is keen to share her local knowledge with visitors to Langdale.

“I show people round at Langdale and I like the social side of that,” she said. “I’m not fazed at all by meeting new people and they love seeing the Langdale Estate.

“I really like where I live and work and I think that comes across to people. I adapt my recommendations to their interests, so I can tell them about places that are good for walkers or activities for families.” 


Outside of work, Kerry enjoys making the most of the stunning landscape of The Lake District.

“I’m outdoorsy and go out walking when I can in the summer,” she said. “My boyfriend likes photography and he’s teaching me a bit so I’m enjoying that.  

“We go away on city breaks to places such as Madrid and Prague but we know our base will always be in Cumbria.

“I’ve just bought a house in Ulverston so I’ve been doing a lot of work on my house and garden at the moment.

“When I came to Langdale, I told them that I was in the process of buying a house so I was committed to the area. I told them I was in it for the long haul in Cumbria.”

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