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Kerry has designed a promising career in Cumbria

Published on: Friday 2nd June 2017
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Kerry Bowd, 25, a Sales Executive at Langdale, lives in Ulverston

Kerry is learning new skills and planning a long-term career with support from Langdale.


Outside of work, Kerry enjoys making the most of the stunning landscape of The Lake District.

“I’m outdoorsy and go out walking when I can in the summer,” she said. “My boyfriend likes photography and he’s teaching me a bit so I’m enjoying that.

“We go away on city breaks to places such as Madrid and Prague but we know our base will always be in Cumbria.

“I’ve just bought a house in Ulverston so I’ve been doing a lot of work on my house and garden at the moment.

“When I came to Langdale, I told them that I was in the process of buying a house so I was committed to the area. I told them I was in it for the long haul in Cumbria.”

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