Kathryn made the ‘right decision’ to return to Kendal

Kathryn made the ‘right decision’ to return to Kendal

Kathryn Booth, 25, is Conference Coordinator at Castle Green Hotel in Kendal

Kathryn swapped her hectic city lifestyle for an improved work/life balance in her hometown of Kendal.


Kathryn started her role as Conference Coordinator at Castle Green Hotel in March after returning home from Greater Manchester, and is thriving in her new working environment.

“I was working for a product photography studio close to Old Trafford in Manchester, but decided that I was ready to return to Kendal,” she said. “I was travelling for three hours into work every day and I felt like it was time to do something else. I started thinking about moving in January and it all fell into place by March.

“I saw my job advertised at Castle Green Hotel and it sounded like it would suit me as it’s customer service based and had similarities with my job in Manchester in terms of liaising with clients and planning schedules.

“My role as Conference Coordinator entails organising conferences and liaising with businesses to find out their requirements to ensure that everything they need is catered for. As a business, we’ve got to look at the spaces we’ve got available and how to fill them as efficiently as possible.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning the new job. I enjoy the environment I work in, as you get a lot of support at Castle Green and my colleagues are lovely.

“Moving can be scary, but I’m so glad I made the decision to return to Cumbria. I love it.”


Kathryn moved to Kendal at the age of seven after her parents returned to Cumbria after working in Bury St Edmunds. Kathryn has always kept close ties to the area and feels like she’s permanently ‘on holiday’ in her hometown.

“I weighed up my reasons for returning to Kendal and, slowly but surely, my reasons for staying in Manchester started to disappear,” she said.

“I wanted to build more of a personal life outside of work. Ultimately, I’d like to buy a house and settle down, so I’m keen to build myself a life where I feel comfortable and secure.

“In Cumbria, it’s easier to have a work/life balance than when I was commuting into Manchester. It ate up a lot of my time, but in Kendal I’m usually home for 5.30pm so I’ve got all that time in the evening to do what I want.

“I feel like I’m on holiday all the time, even when I’m on my way to work in the morning. I only live a mile away, so I can walk to work and take in all the gorgeous scenery.”


Kathryn has always stayed close to her friends in Kendal and is enjoying spending more time with them now she has returned to the area.

“One of my best friends has horses just outside Kendal, so I’ve been horse riding quite a lot,” she said. “She has two horses so we can go out together and that’s really nice.

“All of the people I’m still in touch with have stayed in Kendal and I bump into other people I went to school with.

“I’ve spent a lot of time going out for walks around The Lake District, and even going for evening walks when the weather’s nice.

“Kendal is home and moving back was definitely the right decision for me.”

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