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Julian Cartmell Shepherd

Julian has found career success at “forward-thinking” Cartmell Shepherd

Published on: Friday 25th August 2017
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Julian Nelson, Head of Family Law at Cartmell Shepherd, lives in the countryside near Brampton.

Julian has never regretted her decision to return to Cumbria to take on a job at Cartmell Shepherd, the law firm she describes as “the best” in Cumbria.


Julian makes the most of living in a close-knit community and has lots of friends in Cumbria.

“I like the outdoors and do a bit of walking with our black Labradors, Tara and Inca,” she said.

“We’re very family orientated, so we enjoy going for a walk and a meal when my daughter Victoria comes home from Cheltenham.

“When the local pub in Lanercost closed, one of our enterprising neighbours got a licence for the cricket club, so we often go there on a Friday night to have a drink with friends and neighbours.

 “We live in a lovely community.”

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