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Jodie Leigh Mather Inspira 8960

Jodie credits Inspira with growing her confidence

Published on: Tuesday 4th April 2017
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Jodie Mather, 18, who provides Business and Contract Support at Inspira, is from Whitehaven

Jodie is gaining valuable skills and experience during her Business Admin apprenticeship at careers management and personal development organisation Inspira.


Jodie decided to take on an apprenticeship after studying towards her A levels for a year. As she was considering her career options, she turned to Inspira for guidance – and ended up working for the company.

“I did a year of sixth form but I felt I wasn’t getting enough experience, so I started to look for an apprenticeship,” she said. “I went to Inspira for advice and successfully applied for an apprenticeship with a local firm. Unfortunately, the business suffered a downturn a year later, so I went back to Inspira to ask for help again.

“It was perfect timing because they were looking for an apprentice. They asked me to submit my CV if I was interested so that’s how I came to get my apprenticeship at Inspira.

“I’ve now started my Level 3 NVQ in Business Admin after completing my Level 2, and should have finished that by October.

“My college tutor comes to visit me every two to three weeks to review the coursework I’ve done so I don’t miss out on any experience at work. Inspira are really good at letting me get on with my college work and I do a lot of it at home as well.

“I consider myself to be quite academic, but I get nervous during exams and prefer doing coursework, so an apprenticeship was the right option for me.

“With my apprenticeship, I’m learning lots of skills and I’m not tied to one subject or sector. If I want to develop and move up the ladder I can.

“I’ve learnt so much about apprenticeships at Inspira and it’s made me like where I live even more.”

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