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Jennifer enjoys working with people in the shadow of the Lake District fells

Published on: Tuesday 7th April 2015
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Jennifer Pearson, 35, occupational therapist with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, from Walney.

For occupational therapist Jennifer Pearson, the communities she works in are as varied and colourful as the landscape she likes to explore on her days off.


Much of Jennifer's work time is spent travelling around South Cumbria visiting people in their homes.

"We work with people who have had illness or injury and we help them get back to previous levels of independence, for example, if they've had a stroke or a head injury or elderly people who've had falls." said Jennifer, 35. "We work with them for two to four weeks alongside physiotherapists to help them do everyday activities. It is mainly based in the community and we go up to Coniston, which is quite nice and we do work in very rural areas and you get to meet some quite interesting characters.

"People are very varied. You have got a more urban environment in Barrow with that type of demographic, but then you have the rural communities with a completely different way of life. That makes it very interesting as a practitioner.

"When we start working with people they are at their lowest ebb, but at the end of it it is really nice to see them back how they were before, being independent. We work a lot with the elderly who need a lot of support and it is nice to see when our intervention can keep them at home."


"I moved to Walney because it's got reasonably priced housing and there are nice schools. Where I live there is a shop, a park and a school nearby and the amenities are really good compared to other areas. It is a very friendly community.

"Obviously you have the beach and at the north and the south end there are nature reserves where you can see lots of birds and seals."


"I am a foster carer and it is a good place to raise children," said Jennifer. "There is a lot to do for children in Barrow and there are good schools and lots of clubs they can join. Ulverston is a nice town and there is plenty for children to do there. As they get older you can go fell walking too. I go fell walking quite a bit and I am a member of The Ramblers.

"That's a really nice group with people from across the South Lakes. We meet up for socials quite regularly. They try and get out every weekend and there are walks of different lengths. Some are really challenging and some less so. I did Coniston Old Man recently and that was hard but it was such a sense of achievement when I did it. Coniston isn't far from Barrow and it is a lovely place to go, there are loads of different routes you can take around there."

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