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Jason enjoys being able to balance work with an active outdoor life

Published on: Thursday 19th March 2015
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Jason Cooper, 45 is a Multifolder Asset Leader at Kimberly-Clark, in Barrow.

A return to South Cumbria for Windermere-born Jason Cooper, 45, has allowed him to balance the demands of his career with his love of the outdoors.


“If you look at my career history it has been leading up to this point,” said Jason, who has been working at Kimberly-Clark for 13 years. 
Before returning to the area, the 45-year-old worked in Middlesbrough, Humberside and London. “The scope of this role has certainly got a lot bigger. The work varies every hour. There is change weekly. 

"We are driving Kleenex forward and looking for ways to sell more Kleenex to more people. Rarely is one day the same as the last day. I thoroughly enjoy working here, there’s never a day when I don’t want to come to work. I can genuinely say that.”


For Jason, living in Ulverston limits the stress of daily life and provides a good place to bring up his family and be able to do the activities he loves.

Daughters Clarissa, nine, and Olivia, six, are avid outdoors lovers while the area has a good choice of schools for the girls to go to. Clarissa attends Windermere School where Jason’s wife Louise, 45, is also a teacher.

“We were spoilt for choice, there are a lot of really good primary schools and for secondary schools you are spoilt for choice too,” said Jason. “It takes me five minutes to get to work. I never get held up. Traffic queues and jams, just don’t happen here. It is pretty stress free.

“We like to go skiiing and go on summer holidays. Within two hours you can be at Manchester Airport or Newcastle Airport. 

"It’s not really an issue if we need to travel anywhere. The M6 is on the doorstep to go north and south and I quite often go to Loch Lomond with the speedboat to waterski.

“There is a sense of community around here and in the town of Barrow. I have not seen the sense of community and helpfulness in other areas of the country. 

"I have got friends who live in London and come from down south and will say to me: ‘someone actually spoke to us at the petrol station’ and they find that as bizarre as I find it normal.

"If you walk into the middle of Barrow now and you fell and hurt yourself someone would help you up and take you to hospital if you needed it. That wouldn't happen everywhere.”


“If you look at all the things I do outside of work, I couldn’t be better placed for it,” said Jason. “I do a lot of mountain climbing, I do skiing, I do water skiing, I go sailing, I do a little bit of mountain biking and a bit fly fishing. All of those things if you were to ask, where could you live and do all those things, the answer would be right here in the middle of South Cumbria.

“If somebody was to offer me another job somewhere else outside this area I would have to think long and hard, irrespective of salary increases or whatever was on offer.

"Moving away from this area would be massive for me. I have built my life around what is on offer here. In the summertime we tend to spend our time messing about in boats really. In the evenings in the summertime, I might have a couple of hours fly fishing at a couple of the little tarns around here. People travel from a long way down south to come and fish here. So it is great to jump in the car at eight o’clock on a summer’s evening and go out for a couple of hours.

“Both my children have been able to ride bikes since shortly after they learned to walk. They both come up mountains with me. They are more than capable swimmers and in the middle of the summer, they are diving in and out of the boat. It is a very well balanced life.”

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