James is ‘honoured’ to work alongside experts in Cumbria

James is ‘honoured’ to work alongside experts in Cumbria

James Dickaty is Commissioning Manager, Intelligent Customer Lead, at Sellafield.

He lives in Drigg with his wife and two children, after relocating from Wiltshire.


James began his career as a submariner in the Royal Navy, before training to become a Chartered Manager. While in the Navy, the role of Chartered Manager seemed out of James’ reach, but moving to Cumbria offered new opportunities to him. He is now part of an environmental restoration programme at Sellafield, where he feels he can positively impact the UK through his work.

“I am a Commissioning Manager for the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo retrievals programme,’ he said. “This is a programme of work to safely retrieve hazardous waste from a legacy building, so it can be decommissioned. 

“My role is to test and set in a working condition all the plant and equipment needed to retrieve the waste, and to act as the commissioning subject matter expert for activities with our subcontractors. 

“What I love about this job is the fact that I’m able to be part of a real environmental restoration programme with the aim to decommission the Sellafield site. It is a place where I feel I am making a real positive difference to the UK.”

It’s not just the day-to-day work that James loves about Sellafield; it’s the talented people he is surrounded by through his role at the company.

 “It is a place where I feel honoured to work every day with some of the most talented and experienced experts in the nuclear industry,” he said. 

“The work is challenging, but it is fascinating to be in a place with so much history and cutting-edge technology. 

“Probably the thing I love most about working at Sellafield is the people.  Sellafield is a place which draws people from all over the globe, and the people here are friendly, professional and great to work with.”


When James and his wife finally took the plunge into Cumbrian life and moved to Drigg, they quickly realised this was where they wanted to settle long-term. They fell in love with the scenery, the local people, and the family-friendly environment.

“After 6 weeks of moving to West Cumbria, my wife told me she could never leave,” James said. “Since then we have had 2 children and are very happy here, not only for the beauty of the landscape, but because of the friendliness of the people of Cumbria and the safe environment to raise children.

“I would recommend Cumbria as a destination for anyone who thinking about relocating here. I’ve lived and worked all around the UK and the globe, and I have never been in a place where the people are so welcoming and friendly as they are in Cumbria.”


James and his family make the most of their stunning surroundings, especially enjoying the great facilities on offer for children in the area.

“Cumbria is a place of natural beauty and plentiful family and social activities all year round.  My family and I enjoy a lot of what Cumbria has to offer, some of the most beautiful beaches in the country which are really pleasant during the summer and visits to the many historic houses and estates,” he said.

“My favourite pastime is messing about in boats, so luckily for me there is lots of opportunity for that on the great lakes in the area.

“Every weekend we try and get out and do something in the area, and the variety across the county keeps the interest of my whole family.  The beauty of it is that there is so much to see which is free within the national park, and we take full advantage of that.”

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