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Isabela moved from Romania to find career in South Cumbria

Published on: Tuesday 24th March 2015
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Isabela Braithwaite, 36, is curriculum manager for hair, beauty and catering at Furness College in Barrow.

The very first time Isabela Braithwaite took a train to south Cumbria she "absolutely loved it". Now she lives in the area with her husband and daughter and works at Furness College.


Isabela, who is originally from Romania, got a job teaching at the college after moving to Barrow to be with husband Stuart. She has progressed to be the curriculum manager for hair and beauty at the college after starting work there in 2005.

"I still do a bit of teaching,  which I really enjoy, but the rest of the time I manage my staff, which is a team of 11 in hair and beauty and another five in catering," said Isabel. "I write the business plan and curriculum plans and organise events for the department and take part in promotional activities.

"There is a lot of science involved in hair and beauty and you need to know all about the human body and the skin and the hair. You have to learn a of maths, it is quite complicated, a lot more than people expect.

"I remember when I first started and I remember my first class and one of my first students is back with me now doing her teaching certificate so it is lovely to see that."


"I remember the first time I came here on the train I absolutely loved it," she said. "I remember the beautiful views, you could see the sea coming in and out and I thought what a lovely place to live. Every time I came here everyone seemed to know everyone and people were so friendly.

"I really enjoy being here. It is very friendly around here, there are lovely places to go. Anyone who comes to visit says what a wonderful part of the world we live in. It is a very intimate town, you have an identity when you live here, it is a real community.

"My daughter Annabelle, who is six, goes to school here and it is a really lovely  school and she is a very happy child."


"Having a daughter takes me to lots of different places, there are lot of different clubs she can get involved in like swimming and ballet and drama classes," said  Isabela. "I am a member of the Walney Wind Cheetahs running club and I also do roller skating and roller derby with the Furness Firecrackers. I go running and roller skating a couple of times a week.

"You go and make new friends and you meet new people. There are people from all sorts of backgrounds and it is nice to meet them."

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