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Claire Head

Claire is ICT business development manager for Cumbria Police

Published on: Tuesday 20th November 2018
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I have lived in Temple Sowerby all my life and one thing that is great is that I can get in the car and be here at work at HQ in 15 minutes. When I leave work it’s only 20 minutes in the car and I can be by the lake in that calming environment. It’s just a really nice place. I can get on the train in Penrith and be in London in three hours or I could get on the train in Appleby and be in Leeds in two hours.

You’ve got the connectivity around you, but you’ve got a slower pace of life day to day. My role also gives me the opportunity to travel to London to work, with the flexibility of coming home the same day if I choose. It’s really central, but really handy and it’s great for the life I have with my family.

I have brought my children up in this environment. They went to the village school and I was able to drop them off and pick them up which fitted in with my work. We’ve got flexible working, which makes a big difference to work life balance.

The children went to good local secondary schools. We are lucky where we live that you can go either way on the main A66 road and there are good schools 10 minutes away in both directions. The children get to visit and choose which school they would like to attend and they all offer different things, so the opportunities are not limited.

My partner Adrian and I have four children between us. My two daughters, Zoe, 21, and Gabrielle, 17 have both done apprenticeships and found work in the area. Zoe is a teaching assistant at our village school and Gabrielle works in administration for the NHS.

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