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Helen loves the hearts of South Cumbria

Published on: Wednesday 25th March 2015
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Helen Fawcett, 36, heart failure specialist nurse with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, lives in Ulverston

Helen Fawcett enjoys the daily satisfaction of helping people in South Cumbria live with serious heart conditions, at the same time as raising her son in a safe and friendly environment. 


Helen's work involves helping people with serious heart problems lead a life that can keep them healthy and happy.

"It is challenging, but  I am enjoying being in a specialist area," said Helen, 36, from Ulverston. 

"We see patients in the community with a diagnosis of heart failure. It means their heart isn't working as effectively it should be. We see them in clinic and work closely with the GPs to give them medication and offer lifestyle advice and manage their symptoms. 

"It is mainly clinic based but we do go and see patients at home who are housebound. We work with the cardiologists and other services like GPs and the district nurses. 

"Because there is no cure for heart failure it is about managing patients' symptoms so they can live for longer and have a better life. It can be quite an alarming diagnosis for patients and have another impact on their life like anxiety or depression. 

"We can get patients who are very poorly and getting them on the right medication and giving them the right lifestyle advice you can see the improvements. It's just about giving the patient the right tools to manage it effectively."


Helen said Ulverston was a good place to live with her little boy Henry, four. 

"I is a lovely area for him to live, to be able to go out and about and having the Lake District on your doorstep is a big pull," she said.

"Ulverston is a lovely town and there are good facilities and nice walks with my little boy on the doorstep. 

"My little boy is going to school soon and there is a choice there. I guess it is a nice place to live and I like being able to go outdoors and do things. 

"If you go on public transport everyone is always warm and friendly and if you are out walking people always acknowledge you. I drive in every day and it takes about 15 minutes and a tractor would be the biggest hold up."


There is plenty to do in the area for Helen and Henry. 

"I do a bit of running for leisure and I have done the Coniston 14 a couple of times," she said. 

"Just on your doorstep there are some nice walks going up The Hoad or beside the canal, or over to High Dam and in the Lake District. We just like going to the park, there are some good soft play areas and toddler groups. 

"My little boy hates being indoors and there is always something on your doorstep you can do."

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