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Hannah loves her career at GSK Ulverston

Published on: Tuesday 24th March 2015
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Still serving her apprenticeship at Ulverston, Hannah aged 20, will finish her three-year apprenticeship in September.

She said: "One of main things for me is coming into a company that’s showing potential in the business world and with the biopharm that’s great, there is quite a lot of job security around this area so potentially there's a job at the end of the day.

"The other main thing for me is that GSK offered further education as well, so depending on how far you wanted to take it the company offers support up to further NVQs, HNCs, engineers, labs – it's up to you how far you want to take it really.

"If you’re thinking whether to apply or not, I would definitely say apply. It's a great company to work for, we get all the benefits that all the other employees get here – such as holidays etc.

"We also get rotation in other departments so it gives you a chance to see what else you might like and what you’re good at, and it’s a good way of learning.

"Your rotation depends on your apprenticeship, for me it was six months rotation in different areas. It gives you an overview and you understand the business. At the moment I am working in the supply and logistics department

"A lot of my friends went to university so for me coming into an apprenticeship, I wouldn’t say they were surprised but they said 'why wasn’t I going to university?'. Having explained what I’m doing and them seeing the opportunities I have, going to London quite a lot and rotation, shares, competitive salary, a lot of them are changing their minds about apprenticeships."

And then there's her work as chair of the GSK Apprenticeship Group.

"GSK thought it would be a good idea to set up a network where the apprentices would run themselves, touch base with all apprentices to air problems that need investigating and filter them through to the right people.

"It was also an idea to improve the apprenticeship scheme, and touch base with corporate to speak to us to improve ideas, and move things forward.

"The company sent out an email saying they were setting up the network and people had to apply for different positions. I had to go through stages of interview processes to get that. I was pleased last September that I was awarded the (one-year) chair position for the UK and Europe which connects me to all sites.

"Since then I have been doing a lot of work centrally with the apprentices team, helping to revamp the external website as it wasn’t very user friendly, re-doing brochures, localised leaflets, and specific roles at Ulverston.

"At the minute it is just UK apprentices but we are getting France and Spain involved and hoping to branch out into the US to try to get them more in the network to get that team spirit.

"I went for the position for my own personal development. I am ambitious and it gives me experience speaking to different people, in different languages and it's about making improvements and gaining new skills."

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