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Geoff is living “happily and healthily” in South Cumbria

Published on: Monday 8th February 2016
Categorised under: Work , Barrow, Community, NHS

Geoff Jolliffe, 58, Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s lead GP for Furness, lives in Barrow-in-Furness

In 1982, GP Geoff moved from his hometown in Birkenhead to work for a ‘year or two’ in Barrow – and 34 years later, he is still living happily in South Cumbria.


Geoff has always made the most of his spare time with his family in South Cumbria.

“My wife and I sometimes cycle down to Roa Island and back and around the villages,” he said. “Cycling promotes health and wellbeing and I’d love to see the population of Barrow cycling more.

“When I retire, I’ll probably pick up my photography a bit more. I’ve made a darkroom in my house and I think it’d be really fabulous to show my kids how photos develop.

“I feel completely at home and at ease here in South Cumbria. I’m living happily and healthily in a great community.”

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