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Emily is proud of “happy and successful” career

Published on: Tuesday 24th March 2015
Categorised under: Live, Work , Barrow, NHS

Emily Griffiths, 49, Senior network manager for South Cumbria for Cumbria Partnership Foundation NHS Trust, lives in Barrow

The NHS in South Cumbria has supported Emily Griffiths through her "successful and happy" career.


As well as watching her children compete in their various endurance runs, Emily cultivates her own "bit of good life" in her garden in Barrow. 

"I have a dog and chickens and ducks and I have a very big garden and tolerant neighbours," she said. 

"I have a dog and it is great to go up to the Lakes for a walk at the weekend to somewhere with a cafe and a pub. I like to go up to Skelwith Bridge, that is one of our favourite haunts."

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