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Donna Case Study

Donna loves her new career and lifestyle in Cumbria

Published on: Wednesday 26th April 2017
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Donna Blinco, 41, Site GPS, Engagement and Communications Lead at GSK, lives at The Green near Millom

After Donna made the “big decision” to move to Cumbria, GSK supported her every step of the way.


Donna and Will are keen to make the most of their new surroundings and have found a fun way to explore Cumbria.

“Every Friday, we throw a dart at a map and go to that place,” she said. “We never rule out what the dart says, we’ve been to some very interesting places.

“The best place we’ve been to so far is in Western Cumbria near Wastwater because the scenery was amazing. Its bliss really, walking up a hill’s with your dog, going to a local pub and having a really hearty meal and then heading home. Living in Cumbria has given us that lifestyle.”

Donna and Will also enjoy introducing their friends to their new home county.

“At New Year, we had some friends over from Stamford and we wanted to give a good impression of the area. At about 8pm, we went to the pub on the off chance, which was unheard of in the city we lived in before without a high price and a ticket. Before we knew it, we were putting music on and everyone was up dancing. You can mingle as much as you want and make your own life.

“The area has got its charm and its appeal. It’s so friendly and you say hello to everyone you pass in the street. It’s retained all of that but still feels like a vibrant, up-and-coming location.”

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