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Dr Shahedal Bari

Cumbria has always been the best choice for Shahedal

Published on: Wednesday 28th September 2016
Categorised under: Work , Cumbria, NHS, Relocation

Dr Shahedal Bari is a Consultant Respiratory Physician, Director of Medical Education (Postgraduate) and Deputy Medical Director for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT).

After studying for a medical degree from University of Calcutta in India and working in several areas of the UK, Shahedal has decided that Cumbria and Morecambe Bay is the area for him.


In his spare time, Shahedal enjoys exploring the nearby Lake District and getting involved in social events organised by UHMBT.

“I do a lot of hill walking and I love the West Lakes - Buttermere, Patterdale and Ullswater,” he said. “You get a different view of The Lakes than from tourist areas such as Ambleside.

“There are lots of things going on at UHMBT, too. The Trust has its own medical journal and medical book clubs, as well as social things such as GP vs consultant sporting tournaments.

“Lots of charity work goes on, such as an annual sponsored walk across Morecambe Bay to raise money for the Morecambe Bay Hospitals Charity.

“It’s fantastic to work at UHMBT. I’ve worked many places in the UK, but I chose to have my career in Cumbria. I have little intention of moving anywhere else.”

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