Crichton loves living and working in “surprising” Cumbria

Crichton loves living and working in “surprising” Cumbria

Crichton Waddell, 43, Mill Manager for Kimberly-Clark, lives in Dalton-in-Furness

After living and working in seven countries, including Italy, Spain, Singapore and the Czech Republic, Crichton couldn’t be happier with his lifestyle and career in South Cumbria.


Crichton moved to South Cumbria after working for Kimberly-Clark in Asia for five years at facilities in Thailand and Singapore. He is responsible for the Mill at Kimberly-Clark in Barrow-in-Furness and enjoys working with a team who have a real sense of pride in the facility.

“I get to work with a great bunch of people,” he said. “With the team here, there’s a huge sense of pride.

“I’ve worked in a lot of different facilities and visited a lot more with Kimberly-Clark, and there aren’t so many where people gush and tell you about the Mill in the same way that they do here.

“When I first arrived, it impressed me a lot. It’s key to how we’re going forward and turning that pride into results and a competitive edge.”

Crichton is very proud of the values promoted by Kimberly-Clark, in particular being caring and authentic.

“There’s a sense of family at Kimberly-Clark,” he said. “There are very good working relationships and people can be transparent in how they work.

“We give people the opportunity to grow their own careers and to be individuals and grow personally too.

“From a professional perspective, South Cumbria is very surprising. The growth in the local economy and funding in the area is unprecedented.”


Cricthon lives in Dalton with wife Cheli, their nine-year-old son Cristian and dog Cookie.

“We’ve got a property with a fantastic garden and I’ve got the shortest commute of my entire career,” he said. “I live six-and-a-half minutes away from Barrow Mill.

“I’d encourage parents to look at the schools and the lifestyle they could bring their kids up with. My son plays football here and goes horse riding at Walney as well. You can’t do that in the city!

“There’s a sense of community here in South Cumbria. It’s very important and a big plus factor in the quality of life.”


Another plus point for Crichton is living on the edge of the Lake District.

“I have personal interests in terms of hill walking, fly fishing and the general outdoors, so when we talked about coming to South Cumbria it wasn’t a difficult choice,” he said.

“If you like the outdoors, it doesn’t get much better than South Cumbria with the sand dunes, beaches and hills.

“I can walk out of my back door and be out in the hills in five minutes. We’ve been here for two years and I’ve only seen about 10 per cent of it. We need to keep expanding our boundaries!”

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