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Christian enjoys fun family adventure of life in UK - and doesn’t miss hour-long commute in USA!

Published on: Thursday 19th March 2015
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Christian Fisher, 39 is acting operations director at GSK, Ulverston.

For Christian Fisher there is something new and exciting around every corner as he and his family get to grips with relocating to South Cumbria from the United States.


Christian, 39, spent 14 years working for GSK near Philadelphia before moving his family to Ulverston in December 2014.

"I found an opportunity here to develop both our quality management system and our GSK production systems," said Christian, who is the site's acting operations director.

"It was a lateral move when I came over, but things happened quickly. My boss was promoted to site director and I was able to move up into his role. It has very quickly turned into a step up.

"I look after all the manufacturing that goes on at the plant. The daily challenges are making sure we do things safely, and everyone leaves in the same condition that they come to work in, and making sure we are making high quality drugs and looking to do this at the best cost possible so we can pass those savings onto the consumer.

"One of the things I love about manufacturing is that there are different challenges every day and they usually don't repeat very often, so I learn something new every day."


Christian, wife Erica, 40, and sons Noah, 11, and Aidan, 14, have wasted no time in making friends and settling into life in Ulverston.

"Part of the opportunity was not just for me to develop professionally, but we thought it would be fantastic for my two sons to get some exposure to a different culture," said Christian.

"Work has been fantastic and the site has been very warm in helping me learn to find my way around the local community.

"My wife was a school teacher focusing on British history and so this is just like a playground to her. She has got involved volunteering at Croftlands Primary School helping out with the Year Five students and she has also got involved with one of the churches and volunteering at St Mary's Hospice, so she has really found her niche.

"She is part of a local book club at the library and she has joined the leisure centre and is exercising there every day.

"The boys have settled in great to Ulverston Victoria High School. It has a great energy and the students and teachers are well engaged. My sons are excited about what they are learning.

"My commute to and from work in the states was an hour each way and here, with it being five minutes - six minutes with traffic - it is fantastic."


"I am an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy hiking and walking outside," said Christian. "It was an easy sell for the boys who enjoy walking and hiking too. We have been to Tarn Hows and been up to Coniston, I go up to the Hoad Hill monument maybe four of five times a week, we have done some walking on the Cumbria Way. We haven't been to the top of the Old Man of Coniston yet, but that is on the list.

"We have been visiting the local towns and we've enjoyed going to places like Cartmel, home of the famous Sticky Toffee Pudding. Literally around every corner there is something brand new.

"We have been to London twice on the train and Manchester, I think it is very convenient to get to those places if we need."

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