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Charalampos feels at home in South Cumbria after moving from native Greece

Published on: Wednesday 8th April 2015
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Charalampos Louloudis, 34, physiotherapist for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, from Dalton

South Cumbria may be a thousand miles from Charalampos Louloudis' home of Thessaloniki, in Greece, but that hasn't stopped him feeling at home after moving to the area two years ago.


Charalampos works as a physiotherapist with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

"I work with the unscheduled services and we are multi-disciplinary team with physios, occupational therapists and nurses and therapy assistants and our main role is to avoid admissions to hospital when we can treat the patients at their homes," he said.

"That is better for the patient and for the hospital. We also help patients leave hospital and continue their rehabilitation at home.

"It is a very holistic approach, you are not doing the same thing all day and every patient is different and you have to think out of the box and give solutions to difficult problems. You have to collaborate with a lot of agencies and colleagues and other services around the area. That is something we don't have in Greece and it is quite new.

"It was pure luck, I was just offered the job and so I came. But since I have been here two years I obviously like it."


Charalampos, 34, knew very little about South Cumbria when he moved to the area two years ago, but the friendly people and attractive location have persuaded him to stay and start a family.

"Barrow is near the sea and I come from a big city near the sea and so this is good for me to come here," said Charalampos, who lives in Dalton with wife Neli. The countryside is amazing and it is good to know that in half-an-hour driving you can go to the Lakes and do whatever you like. It combines all the good things of a town but near to the country.

"I like being here because it is tranquil and easygoing and you don't have all the fuss of driving around. Everything was very smooth when we moved, I didn't have any problem at all. Everybody was and is very helpful."


"I am still exploring the place and every week  we try to see different villages and walk around and see what is going on," said Charalampos. "One thing I would like to do is to start sailing on the sea around Barrow. I think I will be a better sailor if I learn to sail here rather than in sunny Greece.  I was also thinking of doing scuba diving. I didn't get the chance to do it in Greece, but it was always on my mind. So now I am here why not? I used to be a Scout so I would like to start walking again, there are a lot of walking clubs.

"We frequently go to Nottingham and Swindon because we have relatives there. The M6 is nearby and you are there in 40 minutes. After that you can go wherever you want. When we go back to Greece we fly from Manchester. It takes me just six hours door-to-door."

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