Catherine found her calling after moving from Carlisle to Barrow

Catherine found her calling after moving from Carlisle to Barrow

Catherine Little, 32, Clinical Support Worker for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust on Ward 4 at Furness General Hospital, lives in Barrow

Catherine is passionate about caring for her patients at Furness General Hospital in Barrow-in-Furness after relocating from the north of the county.


After starting her career with CN Group in the north of Cumbria, Catherine now works for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust and admires the Trust’s supportive and inclusive approach to its employees.

“I always wanted to do nursing and I’d heard good things about the access Health and Social Care course at Furness College, so I repositioned myself in Barrow and moved to be with my partner,” she said.

“I love what I’m doing now at Furness General Hospital. As a Clinical Support Worker, I do a lot of personal care and get to talk to the patients and spend time with them.

“I’ve done extra courses so I can do extra observations such as blood pressure and phlebotomy so I can take bloods. It can be hard work but I adore it and I love working for the Trust.

“They want to push you further and help you to learn and progress, which stands you in good stead for other jobs that may come up.

“For me, I love doing something I’m passionate about. Even when I’m tired after a shift, I’m still happy I’ve done something valuable.”

As well as supporting employees’ professional development, the Trust also works to promote inclusion and diversity – something Catherine is proud to be involved in.

“I’m trained to be a Respect Champion, which means that people can talk to me in confidence if something is getting them down or if they don’t feel comfortable coming to work.

 “I’m part of the LGBT network and I’m pleased that The Trust is a Stonewall Diversity Champion.

“It’s nice to see how the Trust promotes equality and diversity and I’ve found that people are very open-minded.”


Catherine grew up in Kirkbride, a village outside Carlisle, and values the community spirit in Cumbria.

“Kirkbride is such a nice, safe place,” she said. “It’s the sort of place where you can leave your door open overnight. There was true community spirit living in a small village and I do miss that.

“My partner and I have just bought a house in Barrow in a nice area that feels more like a village. I hope it’ll be our ‘forever home’.

“I still visit my parents regularly and my shifts help with that as I’m able to travel during the week or stay over for a couple of days.”


Living in Cumbria has enabled Catherine to pursue two of her other passions – sport and music.

“I still play for my local hockey team, Dalston Ladies Hockey, and go for training as and when I can. If I can make a game, I’ll go and play. It’s such a nice team and they’re really good to be around.

“I know a few girls who play for South Lakes Hockey Club and they’ve invited me to train with them at Ulverston Leisure Centre. I think I’d feel like a traitor if I played for anyone else, though!”

Catherine also loves music after gaining a HND in Music Technology at Newcastle College, and enjoys getting involved with local community radio stations.

“When I was Furness College, I volunteered for CandoFM. The studios are state of the art and it was really fun.

“I’ve been in touch with the people at Radio Lonsdale, which broadcasts to Furness General Hospital and online. If you tell them that you’re interested, they’ll help you to get involved and encourage you to come along and try it.

“I also love going to Kendal Calling. I’ve been two or three times and it’s such a laugh in a group of friends. The line-up is amazing this year.”

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