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Catching up with Kimberly-Clark Apprentices at the Big Bang Event

Published on: Tuesday 5th March 2019
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Shane Sanderson, Jake Smith, Stephanie Sleigh and Declan Hogg are beginning their second year apprenticeships with Barrow firm and Choose Cumbria partner, Kimberly-Clark.

We find out how they have developed their skills during their first year as engineering apprentices.

Stephanie Sleigh, 19, mechanical engineering apprentice

“During my first year I learnt basic engineering skills as well as how to organise my time effectively and observe the importance of health and safety in the workplace,” she said.

“My training has helped me become more independent when problem-solving as I have been encouraged to use my own initiative at work.”

“My future aspirations are to complete my apprenticeship to a high standard so I can work at Kimberly-Clark as a mechanical technician.”

“I would encourage more young women to take up the great opportunities that engineering apprenticeships can offer.”

Shane Sanderson, 17, electrical engineering apprentice

He said: “The first year of my apprenticeship was spent in the skill centre learning hand and machinery skills as well as electrical work,” he said. “I also had the opportunity to attend training courses to advance my learning.”

“Now I am in my second year, I am out on the shop floor working on machinery and expanding my knowledge in electrical tasks.”

“I would like to be an electrical technician and then study for a degree and my advice for anyone who is thinking of applying for an engineering apprenticeship is that you should just go for it!”

Jake Smith, 17, mechanical engineering apprentice

“During my first year at Kimberly-Clark I learnt basic engineering skills and was shown how to work safely in preparation for working on the shop floor,” he said.

“This year I am working on daily routine jobs and also machine maintenance. There is a great diversity of work and something new to learn each day.”

Declan Hogg, 17, electrical engineering apprentice

“Early on, I learnt the practical skills I would need going forward in my apprenticeship together with the ideal attitude towards work, involving patience and a forward-thinking approach,” he said.

“My second year will include more specialised training out on the shop floor, working both independently and under supervision from my mentor,” said Declan.

“The skills I will learn this year will be much more specialised towards working on specific machinery.”

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