Bill will achieve his career goals with an apprenticeship in Cumbria

Bill will achieve his career goals with an apprenticeship in Cumbria

Bill Wilson, 24, an Apprentice Electrical Engineer at Athena PTS, lives in Barrow

After initially moving out of Cumbria to attend university, Bill has now found a better career path with an apprenticeship at Athena PTS in the county.


Bill took his A levels at Barrow Sixth Form College, before studying English at university in Preston. After having a change of heart about his career path during his time at university, Bill is now confident that he can fulfil his ambitions with an apprenticeship at Athena PTS.

“In my second year at uni, I didn’t enjoy my course,” he said. “I realised I wanted to start a career with opportunities to progress and move forward.

“I decided on an apprenticeship as you can still earn valued qualifications, an NVQ 3 and HNC [Higher National Certificate]. I’m really enjoying it and I feel like I’m learning more vocational skills than I would’ve done at uni.

“I met Dan Jackson when we studied the same course at Furness College and now we’re both doing apprenticeships at Athena PTS.

“Our colleagues Adam and Ryan are doing their degree part-time at Furness College so I think it would be good to finish my apprenticeship and go on to do a degree as well. It’s an option with the company.

“It’s never too late to start an apprenticeship and it’ll be worth it for me at the end. I’m doing mine at 24 and I’m really enjoying it.

“It’s important for people to make an educated and informed choice about their career rather than thinking there’s an automatic next step.”


After impressing his tutor at Furness College with his CAD [computer-aided design] skills, Bill is now putting his experience to good use at Athena PTS.

“My role involves a lot of CAD work, and I work with BAMTEC software,” he said.

“Dan and I work on lots of different projects. I often work on a windfarm project in the morning and then something completely different in the afternoon.

“I get a lot broader experience by working on a lot of different things.

“I find it better to learn in a smaller company as my apprenticeship has been tailor made to my role.

“I’m in the second year of my apprenticeship and the company has doubled in size since I’ve been here. I plan to stay with Athena PTS if I can.”


Bill is happy to be developing his career in Cumbria and has no plans to look outside the county for other opportunities.

“I like Cumbria, so I’m happy to stay here,” he said. “I moved away to uni, but Preston felt very similar to Barrow.

“I recently passed my driving test, so I enjoy driving around the area but I couldn’t handle the traffic in a city every day.

“In my spare time I love taking my dogs, Jock and Murphy, out round Grizedale.

“I don’t put pressure on myself to move away as all my bases are covered here in Barrow and Cumbria.” 

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