Bethany has made her mark at Bender UK

Bethany has made her mark at Bender UK

Bethany Wilson, 22, Service Co-ordinator at Bender UK, lives in Dalton

Bethany impressed her colleagues as an apprentice at Bender UK, and hopes a future opportunity may arise in Finance with the Ulverston-based business.


Bethany took on a Business Admin apprenticeship after studying for her A levels at Barrow Sixth Form College.

“I always wanted to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university,” she said. “With an apprenticeship, you get the experience and you get paid while you learn.

“I enjoyed accounting, but I thought a Business Admin apprenticeship would open a lot more avenues and I could later specialise in accounting if that’s what I still wanted to do.

“I started off doing a one-year Level 2 NVQ at Bender UK and then studied my Level 3 for two years.

“Bender UK is now putting me through my AAT course in Accounting. I had an A level in Accounting so I’ve managed to go straight in at Level 4 [equivalent to a foundation degree] which has given me a head start. I’m studying at Furness College one morning and a couple of hours in the evening every week.

“I’m glad I chose an apprenticeship as I’ve done just as well as friends who’ve gone to uni. I’ve got a job I really enjoy and I’m furthering my career by doing the AAT.”


Bethany’s apprenticeship has given her a broad understanding of Bender UK, and is excited about the potential to develop within the rapidly growing business.

“During my apprenticeship, I started off working in the admin and industrial department, before moving into service and taking responsibility for the invoicing in that department. I moved into internal sales and then came back into service as a Service Co-ordinator.

“I have a few different responsibilities. I arrange for engineers to go to hospitals to carry out maintenance or repair work, process engineers’ reports, process purchase orders, and I set up and manage a new stock system for engineers.

“During my apprenticeship, I went round every department, so I’ve got an understanding of the company as a whole and what I can do to help the business.

“Bender UK has seen how I’ve progressed and what I’m capable of so they’ve given me a lot more responsibility.

“The company has progressed so much since I started three years ago, so it’s exciting to see where it will be in five years’ time and what other opportunities will be available. I’d like to stay with Bender UK and progress my career as new opportunities arise in the future.”

Gareth Brunton, Managing Director, said: “Bethany has been an exemplary employee from day one of her apprenticeship and she has a really good future ahead of her at Bender UK. We really understand the importance of developing apprentices and see the evolution of employees as the key to our future success.”


After growing up in Askam, Bethany has recently moved to Dalton and is enjoying her spare time in the area.

“I recently joined Dalton Leisure Centre gym, so I go to classes regularly,” she said. “It’s good because it gets you out of the house and keeps you fit and healthy.

“I also like socialising with friends, and we often go out for dinner and drinks.

“I’m really close to my family so I make time for them, too. It’s a close community in Askam so I think we’ll move back there eventually.

“I knew there were job opportunities in Cumbria so I was more than happy to stay here.”

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