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Becky Derbyshire

Becky Derbyshire and her family have fallen in love with their new lifestyle in Cumbria

Published on: Thursday 28th March 2019
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Becky, 36, and her family came to the county after husband Brian, 39, was relocated with his job within the Civil Nuclear Constabulary at Sellafield Ltd.

Becky had her own project management business in Liverpool and now works as a project manager for REACT Engineering, in Cleator Moor.

"It was a big move, but it was worth it," says Becky.

"I covered all events from weddings, Christenings and corporate events. I project managed it all from beginning to end. To see the business grow and then have to close it all down to move up to Cumbria was a bit daunting, but it was the right choice.

"Now I am still a project manager, but just in a completely different sector.

"It's the same skills; you still need to be able to deal with people, to be able to plan and at the end of it you’ve still got a result. In Liverpool the result was to run an event and make someone happy and here it's about making people safer.

“I am doing a lot of work on demolition at Sellafield, demolishing buildings and freeing up land for future use.

"It’s satisfying to see the progress every day and getting things done.

"Every day is different, there's always a different challenge.

"However, being able to sit back with the team and say 'we've done that, we've helped achieve that end result and the client is happy' – that’s very satisfying.

"In the world of project management, the principles are the same no matter what industry you are working in.

"There are that many different areas of work within Sellafield and the whole area of West Cumbria and I think everybody has got some sort of skill that they can adapt to it.

"REACT is a very supportive company to work for.

"There’s a wide variety of skills within REACT; different types of engineers, consultants and the project management side of it. It’s a very exciting time at the moment as we are currently developing the project division and starting to expand into larger and more long-term projects.

"I am the first project manager to be taken on by the company and to be part of the team creating the new division and being able to put my experience and learning forward is amazing.

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