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Andrew Wren Case Study

Andrew has returned to his roots in Cumbria

Published on: Wednesday 24th February 2016
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Andrew Wren, 45, Principal and Chief Executive of Furness College, lives near Broughton-in-Furness

Andrew returned to Cumbria last year after beginning his career in East Yorkshire, and loves living and working on the edge of the Lake District.


Andrew is making the most of living near the Lake District with dogs Freddie and Ralph, and enjoys introducing his friends to the fells.

“The hills are a shock to people from East Yorkshire because it’s so flat there,” he said. “They also comment on how quickly you can go from a town like Barrow into such stunning countryside.

“I’m planning to spend the summer here and explore the area. My dogs absolutely love it, too. There’s nothing better than setting off with the dogs and a picnic and going walking.

“The variety of things to do is vast. Whatever you do for a career or in your spare time, you can do here in Cumbria. I love it.”

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