Ambitious Gina hopes to progress to higher leadership levels in Cumbria

Ambitious Gina hopes to progress to higher leadership levels in Cumbria

Gina Rojc, 29, Quality Control Manager at GSK, lives in Ulverston

Gina chose to develop her promising career in Cumbria after completing a graduate scheme with GSK.


Gina decided that Cumbria was the perfect place to progress her career after working at different GSK sites in the UK and Ireland.

“I started at GSK on their graduate scheme in 2010,” said Gina, who is originally from Ramsbottom. “I moved around and lived in Ireland and in the south of the UK. I came to Cumbria in 2013 on my final rotation for eight months and spent that time thinking about what I liked and where I wanted to be.

“I had offers for other GSK sites in the UK and abroad, but the Ulverston site suited me best as it’s a good size and there’s lots of activity going on. I decided to take my role permanently as I was enjoying it and I’ve been in Cumbria ever since.”

During her time at GSK, Gina has worked in different departments and is now Quality Control Manager.

“After I finished the grad scheme, I was working in the technical department and then moved on to a Product Owner role,” she said. “At the same time, we went through a tough regulatory inspection and the pharmaceutical industry were seeing changes in expectations of the regulators. As a result, alongside my day-to-day role, I became more involved in one of the streams of activity around deviation management, which gave me more visibility to SLT [senior leadership team] level.

“I was then given the opportunity to take on the SLT facilitator role, which meant a year spent with the SLT, facilitating meetings, having input into decisions and being considered a member of  the team.

“Coming out of that, I was looking for a role with greater people leadership responsibility, and I got the Quality Control Manager job in October with four direct reports and a total team of about 22.

“I’m an ambitious person with lots of drive, which has stemmed from being on the graduate scheme and having lots of focus on development early on in my career.

“I’m on the primary talent forum for primary manufacturing at GSK so there’s the expectation to be interested in self-development, and longer term I'm keen for higher levels of leadership within GSK.

 “There’s a great community culture at GSK in Ulverston and everyone supports each other. The SLT has been very good at supporting me and encouraging me to progress further.”


Gina currently lives in Ulverston, but spends her weekends in Manchester with new husband Dean. Dean is hoping to relocate to the area himself so the newlyweds can finally settle in the area.

“I have country life during the week and city life at weekends,” she said. “There’s a really strong community here so I’m looking forward to being a proper part of it as I feel like I’m missing out.

“When Dean relocates, we’re open to living in different places in Cumbria. We like Kendal, Ulverston and places in between but we can be flexible as there are no family ties to the area.”


Gina already has lots of friends in Cumbria and has no doubt that Dean will find it easy to socialise in the county.

“Dean can make friends anywhere,” she said. “I’ll turn my back and he’ll be chatting away to someone in minutes.

“I’ve got a lot of friends here to socialise with outside of work and we’ll often go for a drink and to the pub quiz on a Thursday night.

“In my spare time, I like kayaking, horse riding and off-road driving, so Cumbria is great for me.

“I also did a lot of work with a Girl Guiding Rangers group, but there were a lot of weekend activities that I couldn’t commit to. There’s plenty for me to get involved with once we’ve finally settled in Cumbria.”

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