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Ambitious Gina hopes to progress to higher leadership levels in Cumbria

Published on: Friday 9th June 2017
Categorised under: Work , Community, GSK, Lifestyle, Relocation, Ulverston

Gina Rojc, 29, Quality Control Manager at GSK, lives in Ulverston

Gina chose to develop her promising career in Cumbria after completing a graduate scheme with GSK.


Gina already has lots of friends in Cumbria and has no doubt that Dean will find it easy to socialise in the county.

“Dean can make friends anywhere,” she said. “I’ll turn my back and he’ll be chatting away to someone in minutes.

“I’ve got a lot of friends here to socialise with outside of work and we’ll often go for a drink and to the pub quiz on a Thursday night.

“In my spare time, I like kayaking, horse riding and off-road driving, so Cumbria is great for me.

“I also did a lot of work with a Girl Guiding Rangers group, but there were a lot of weekend activities that I couldn’t commit to. There’s plenty for me to get involved with once we’ve finally settled in Cumbria.”

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