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Allison found great career to move from Australia to south Cumbria

Published on: Thursday 19th March 2015
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Allison Tippett, 42, is operation quality and compliance manager at GSK Ulverston.

Alison says she has no regrets about swapping her family's home on the south coast of Australia for the south coast of Cumbria.


Alison, 42, moved to the coastal village of Greenodd as part of a placement which will see her working at GSK's Ulverston site until mid-2017. 
Previously she had worked for the company in Australia, living with husband Paul, also 42, and children Beth, 12, and Rex, 11, three hours south west of Melbourne.

She works on the site as its operation quality and compliance manager.

"My job is about trying to get people to think 'quality' while they are making the product," said Allison. "It is interesting because you need to work on people's mindset. If people understand why they are doing what they are doing and what the impact of that is on the final product then they tend to care a lot more about doing the right thing.

"I help people to understand that one slight deviation can impact the quality of the final product, so those small things do matter. There is a lot of troubleshooting and investigation and then there is work on the whole compliance issue and ensuring we follow the regulations and the community can trust us."


Friendly neighbours have helped her family feel at home in south Cumbria, said Allison. "People are very interactive, we know a lot of the people in the village and you get to know them very well," she said.

"Unlike in Australia, we don't have my sisters and parents nearby for babysitting or to give them lifts, but we have been quickly able to build that structure of friendships where we can say to people, for example, 'We are running late, do you mind taking the kids to school' or whatever it might be.

"My husband works at the pub in Greenodd and we have had Australia Day celebrations and everybody has come dressed in green and gold.

"It is not hard to live here with the Lakes on your doorstep and the walking and the hills. It is good for the kids to grow up experiencing a different way of life. My daughter started at Ulverston Victoria High School and she really loves it."


Since moving to the UK, Allison has spent a lot time running and completed the Manchester Marathon last year. She also takes advantage of easy access to music venues in nearby cities.

"I went and saw Gary Barlow in Liverpool last year and I am taking my daughter to see Take That later this year," she said. "We saw One Direction last year - but that was mainly for my daughter, I should say.! Access to live music is something we don't get back home. Here you can go somewhere every weekend and see a band.

"We have had quite a few visitors from Australia or London and when they come we will go and climb Gummer's How or visit Windermere.

"Here we really enjoy the seasons and the way the trees change in autumn. We don't get that at home. You can tell it is spring if the daffodils are out, I find that really interesting.

"Snow is very novel to us and so as soon as the snow is out we are out there building snowmen."

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